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A reflection on why clothes swapping is the next best alternative to not buying at all, as well as how and where to swap your clothes in Singapore. ‘Hand-me-downs’ is a term familiar to most Singaporeans. We’ve all received clothes that

If you’ve ever been to Europe, you know the beds are something to swoon over. So, when we heard that European Bedding do natural organic mattresses, we knew we had to jump into bed with them.   European Bedding has shops in Singapore

The buzz about stingless bees is real and GTCL has proof. Read through our hugely insightful interview with GTCL as they run us through how they stumbled upon their bestselling products and why they’re good for you.   On a mission to prolong illness through food,

As zero-waste shopping gains momentum in Singapore, we can thank UnPackt for taking a leap and leading the revolution. Today, package-free shopping is fast, affordable and convenient in the Lion City.  I have such huge admiration for those who upheave a

Organic and biodynamic wines and champagnes are taking over Asia's bars and restaurants, and there's a good reason for that. Not only do they taste exquisite, but they are also sustainable and that's not even the best part. Did we

Diadem Candles is a husband and wife duo who make conscious candles that prove you don’t need to give up pretty candles and soothing scents in favor of a safe home and a clean environment. Yep, you can have it

Impossible Foods is taking the meat-free world by storm so when their CEO was in Singapore, we chased him down and asked him all the questions that were on our mind (and chowed down).   When Impossible Foods launched in Singapore last