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F&B players from around Singapore have formed an alliance that aims to decrease the industry’s carbon footprint. The F&B Sustainability Council met for the first time last week to discuss greener solutions for a more sustainable dining experience including lessening

The next generation are now fully aware of what's going on with our planet. And The Extra Smile finds it fantastic to watch how invested our green warriors in training are towards it. Our kids have a role to play

Many things in life are big environmental polluters: transportation, large gatherings, agriculture; we could go on - you get the gist. But we never thought the gym was a place that would end up on the list. Then we went

Warm, luxurious, and oh so soft, cashmere is one of the finest materials in the world — and anyone whose ever been wrapped up in a cashmere scarf will agree. But cashmere itself is wrapped up in controversy — just

Beyond 2020, Singapore aims to outrank Taiwan as the most vegan-friendly Asian nation — and that starts with Veganuary. As of writing, 350,000 have registered with Veganuary to participate worldwide. Here’s how you can take part in Singapore. Welcome to 2020.

Don't get us wrong; living in Asia is the dream. Because what's not to love about constant warm weather, plenty of sun, and beaches at an arm's length? But here’s the kicker: pollution, humidity, and the skin issues that come

WORKSHOPS return to the Conscious Festival powered by Holland & Barrett in Singapore this year and are a feast for your mind and motivation. Immerse yourself in engaging workshops with experts sharing sustainable practices and improving your overall sense of

The Conscious Festival powered by Holland & Barrett is just weeks away and there is so much we want you to know. But at the core of everything we offer you is sustainability and we felt it necessary to enlighten

Welcome back to TALKS, the most riveting and enlightening element of the Conscious Festival year after year. We spend many months (more like all year) carefully curating the topics and their speakers, and this is just a small taste of