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Heura calls themselves a 21st-century butcher shop, and we couldn’t agree more. The new era of meat is plant-based, and Heura has been busy revolutionizing the food industry in Europe. And now they’re rolling their products out in Asia… Millennials may

Whether you were born in Asia or simply relocated here, your skin will probably never acclimatize because let's face it, what is humidity good for anyway? Sure, there is anti-shine this and anti-frizz that, but is it organic? Is it

We understand how disappointing it is to be on the go, grab a salad, and realize you forgot your cutlery. Nothing says buzzkill like lunch served with a side of single-use plastic. Fortunately, saving the planet (and your sanity) has

Singapore goes through 2.2 million straws a day, which is enough to cover its coastline twice over. Fortunately, WWF together with Zero Waste SG and some of the biggest names in Singapore's F&B industry, as well as indie haunts, are

A reflection on why clothes swapping is the next best alternative to not buying at all, as well as how and where to swap your clothes in Singapore. ‘Hand-me-downs’ is a term familiar to most Singaporeans. We’ve all received clothes that

If you’ve ever been to Europe, you know the beds are something to swoon over. So, when we heard that European Bedding do natural organic mattresses, we knew we had to jump into bed with them.   European Bedding has shops in Singapore

The buzz about stingless bees is real and GTCL has proof. Read through our hugely insightful interview with GTCL as they run us through how they stumbled upon their bestselling products and why they’re good for you.   On a mission to prolong illness through food,