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Impossible Foods is taking the meat-free world by storm so when their CEO was in Singapore, we chased him down and asked him all the questions that were on our mind (and chowed down).   When Impossible Foods launched in Singapore last

Experience a gong bath at House of Ascend in Singapore and you'll soon be ditching a traditional candlelit water bath for a gong bath with a side of meditation any time your neverending to-do list gets to be too much. Concept:

When Singapore's go-to Mexican joint announced that they wanted to embrace more sustainable business practices, we knew we'd found our match made in heaven — there is nothing sexier than sustainability served alongside a kickin' margarita. Fast forward a few months and

Perhaps one of the easiest #LittleGreenSteps is turning off your lights and to inspire the importance of this, a grassroots movement was born in 2007 which encourages people all over the world to switch off for one hour. This year

PLASTIKOPHOBIA (noun) / pronounced pla:ˈstɪkəʊˈfəʊbɪə: an extreme fear of or aversion to the use of plastic Last week, art activist and viral sensation Benjamin Von Wong, together with the High Commission of Canada, local impact strategist Laura Francois and fabricator Joshua Goh, debuted an

Supplements, are they a fact or a fad? Does natural mean better or safer? Why isn't my body absorbing ingredients? It feels like every week there is talk of a new active ingredient that’s going to change our lives. From fad diets

With safe drinking water being accessible by all through any tap in Singapore, buying bottled water is an unnecessary extravagance that contributes to needless plastic waste. The Drink Wise, Drink Tap campaign by Drink Tap SG targets plastic waste by showing Singaporeans that