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‘It’s easier to imagine the end of the world, than the end of capitalism”.* You’ve probably heard something like this before, the idea that we are so bound by the confines of our current system that we are unable to

This week, a new research report published by the coalition Students for a Fossil Free Future (S4F) exposed deeply embedded and problematic links between fossil fuel industries and Singapore’s public universities that allow them to “purchase the social license to continue

2022 is here much sooner than we expected, and it’s already unfurling with a dizzying urgency. Before we're fully drawn into fresh goals and expectations this year, let’s acknowledge our climate victories and take stock of the journey so far.  Situating

A wave of extreme weather events has been sweeping across the globe for the past few years. The latest in a string of devastating events was Typhoon Odette (or Rai) in the Philippines.  Stunning beaches with crystal clear waters in shades

Netflix released it on Christmas Eve and it's already been streamed 152 million hours globally. Written, produced, and directed by Adam McKay (Succession) and starring a cast of Oscar-winning Hollywood A-listers, Don’t Look Up is the movie release everyone is

We’ve all had those awkward family moments at the dinner table. A ‘casually’ racist comment in between “please pass the salt” and “so, have you met someone yet?” An eye-roll as soon as someone utters the word “vegan”. The holidays

Climate activists and scientists have shared their feelings of hopelessness as a wave of extreme weather events sweeps the globe. For far too long, the majority of us have been content to make some lifestyle changes but leave the bulk

Did you know that it takes around 298 litres of water to make a litre of beer? Or that the average bottle of wine has a carbon footprint of around 1,200g - the equivalent of driving three miles in a

Did you know that Indigenous people are saving 80% of the world’s biodiversity? Despite their deep connection to and knowledge of, precious natural resources like the Amazon rainforest and Arctic Ice, Indigenous peoples voices are rarely heard on the world