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Green Is The New Black

SCOPES: conversations on shaping the future of food, urban living & fashion you can’t miss this month!

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Narelle Kheng SCOPES Porsche

We know our current way of living isn’t sustainable. It’s inevitable. We need to change our systems, and our own lifestyles too. But with the problems being so vast and complex, where do we start? Green Is The New Black is teaming up with SCOPES, driven by Porsche. We’re bringing to you a series of panels on shaping the future of food, urban living, and fashion. You’ll come away with accessible knowledge from groundbreaking experts, and actionables to get doing, to boot. Read on to find out.



After its first editions in Berlin, Amsterdam and Tokyo, SCOPES, driven by Porsche, is launching in Southeast Asia. And it’s premiering fully online for the first time ever. SCOPES Asia will be a virtual platform and event running from the beginning of August through to the end of September. The event is presented by Porsche, a brand that has always been known for a spirit of creativity, pushing boundaries, and shaping the future.

In this spirit, SCOPES creates temporary spaces for those who are driven by dreams, going beyond cultural conventions in pursuing their passions and creating a perspective tomorrow. The virtual platform will be featuring the stories and visions of young, change-making humans that are shaping the future, catalysing and accelerating positive change. So get ready to get inspired.

This edition of SCOPES brings together a community of Southeast Asian trailblazers. Why Southeast Asia? It’s one of the most diverse regions in the world, of course. And hence, is a region brimming with creativity, dynamism and endless ideas.

From Singaporean musician Narelle Kheng and Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl sharing their journeys in pursuing their dreams as renowned women of the arts. To Wonderfruit, a popular lifestyle festival in Thailand showcasing their innovations in art and architecture, food, wellness, and music. To Dr. Parag Khanna, author of The Future is Asian and Dr. Ayesha Khanna, CEO of ADDO AI talking about how to create a powerful legacy… you’ll not run out of people to learn from. The themes of this virtual festival are tradition, design and sustainability—and speaking of sustainability…




As part of the Shape the Future Now Series, SCOPES is collaborating with Green Is The New Black. We’re bringing you three live panels filled with insights and inspiration. Not only are these panels designed to inspire you, but they’ve also been specially curated to be accessible. After all, if you’ve been around for a while? You know we’re all about making sustainability mainstream, accessible, and even sexy. So these three live panels will centre around actionable steps towards conscious living.

In the month of August, and through to September, Green Is The New Black founder Stephanie Dickson will be speaking to sustainability game-changers. They’re the ones making their mark, creating an impact on climate change. How? By applying innovative thinking to make it possible to shape the future now. But as we said, we won’t just be talking about the big-picture things that they’re doing. We’ll also be chatting with them about the basic lifestyle choices you can take in food, urban living and fashion.

Read onto find out more about each of these panels, and who we’re speaking to…



Food. It’s something that brings everyone together. Certainly, it’s something that brings the region of Southeast Asia together. Despite its various cuisines, food spaces and food cultures. But what is the future of food? In a world where plant-based innovations are being announced every month, home-grown farms are aplenty, and meat can even be grown in a lab (from cells), what’s available already presents us with a bright future.

But what more could there be? What will the food revolution look like within our lifetime? Join thought leaders Bjorn Low and Vikas Garg as they talk about how we can reimagine a world of possibilities with food.

Bjorn is the founder of Edible Garden City, which is all about community-centric agriculture. With over 260 food gardens under their belt, they regularly provide fresh herbs, flowers, and vegetables to F&B outlets all over Singapore, and even directly to families through their Citizen Box programme. Vikas, on the other hand, is the founder of abillion: a plant-based social media and review app centred around plant-based products. For every review on their platform, they donate $1 to charity, animal sanctuaries or a social cause. They’ve donated over US$750,000!



Urban living is particularly applicable in the context of Southeast Asia. Ours is a region of thriving, lively cities. By 2050, the world’s population is going to balloon to 9.8 billion—and 70% of this population is going to be in urban areas. How will cities and houses be designed in the future? Can we learn from the past and yet anticipate future challenges, particularly around changing climates? How can we ensure a regenerative and renewable future instead of perpetuating the extractive and polluting way of living we have now?

These are urgent, big questions that demand answers. And so we’re talking to two pioneers within this space to navigate for those answers. Hear from Elora Hardy and Assaad Razzouk as we talk through urban futures and community.

Elora is the founder of IBUKU, who work on groundbreaking ways of using bamboo to build homes, hotels, schools, and event spaces in Bali, Indonesia. Elora and her team design spaces centred around the experience of wonder, and spaces in which people can live in an authentic and integrated relationship with nature. Assaad operates in the energy space: he’s a Singapore-based, Lebanese-British renewable energy entrepreneur, podcaster, and commentator. He’s also the Chairman and CEO of Sindicatum Renewable Energy and Reneum Institute. And he’s a host of The Angry Clean Energy Guy podcast, making renewable energy understandable—and sometimes even hilarious.



Finally, we turn to fashion: one of the biggest polluters and contributors to climate change. From unsustainable production, fabrics, dyes, to unjust working conditions, the industry needs some major cleaning up. What is the future of fashion? How is tech reshaping the industry? The tides are changing, but is it fast enough?

If you’ve been watching the fashion space as we have been, you’ll see that virtual closets, circular supply chains, sustainable fabrics, VR and AR are all already here. What else is on the horizon? We’re deep-diving into the innovation and the reimagination of the fashion industry with industry leaders Eliana Kuo ShihYun and Denica Riadini-Flesch.

ShihYun is the co-founder of Lablaco, and a pioneer in the fashion digitalisation and blockchain technology space. Lablaco is a platform connecting stakeholders to accelerate digitisation and the transition towards a circular economy. They use blockchain to create digital traceability and ownership for pre-owned items, and also organise the Circular Fashion Summit to foster better partnerships within the industry. On the other side of the world, we have Denica. She is the founder of SukkhaCitta, an award-winning social enterprise that is changing lives in rural Indonesia. They empower women in the global fashion industry by providing the most marginalised artisans access to education and living wages.


Next to the live panels with Green is the New Black, Scopes has partnered up with female artists in Southeast Asia and the creators of Wonderfruit Festival and many more who will present a series of documentaries, workshops, podcast series and live talks. The virtual festival runs until mid September. For latest updates, follow Scopes on Instagram.


What’s your scope?

Check out SCOPES, driven by Porsche, here.


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