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Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly & Safe Baby Products: Behind The Brand with Min Chan

Do you know the daily effects your products are having on your health or the ecological footprint? This week we spoke with Min Chan the founder of Pur’itsy, a site full of non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe baby products.


She shares why BPA free isn’t always a good thing, what to look out for when selecting your products and how we can all be modern day hippies.

After having a rude awakening that a lot of the products which are created for young ones were toxic, Min Chan, a new mum, was spurred into action to uncover products that were safe for the planet and her family. Realising she probably wasn’t alone with her concerns, she launched Pur’itsy – an online store in Singapore for green, clean, tried and tested and most importantly safe products for babies and kids.

I was out there seraching high and low for the kind of products I needed to get for my son. From educating myself about the science, to reading product labels, asking questions and talking to the manufacturers.. I realised I was sitting on a trove of information that surely someone else could benefit from. – Min Chan  

In this interview we speak to Min about:

  • Why BPA free isn’t always a good thing
  • What to look out for when selecting your products and how to be aware of greenwashing
  • Why, contrary to popular belief, going clean and green is actually easy



Take action today and try out Min’s Little Green Steps: 

  1. Buy less than you think you need
  2. A few changes which take minimal effort on your part can really make a big difference
  3. Keep talking, telling, sharing and asking

Get non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe baby products today at Pur’itsy.


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