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UBU Swimwear

Power To The People Protect The Planet


The socially-responsible swimwear brand. Sustainable, ethically-made, 100% recycled fabric.



UBU is a new socially-responsible swimwear brand that launched in Sept 2018. The designs are timeless, yet subtly eye-catching. The colours and prints are rich & vibrant. The fabrics are luxuriously soft and extremely durable with amazing support & coverage.

They believe that fashion should not come at a cost to our environment or to others. In fact, they strongly believe that we can look great while being kind to the environment & giving back to our community.  They focus on slow-fashion and sustainable & conscious business practises. Each swimwear piece is handmade in a safe and fair environment and their fabrics are made from 100% regenerated and recycled materials.

Their collection also includes a range of Turkish Towels, made from 100% Turkish Cotton, to compliment your new swimwear. These large towels are fabulously soft and elegant – while also being more eco-friendly than normal, terry-cloth beach towels.



At UBU Swimwear, they are very focused on giving back to charity, their communities and the environment. This has been a strong focus since UBU’s conception. They support and promote slow-fashion. Their swimwear is high-quality and will last season after season. And you will want to wear it season after season! #morethan30wears. They have put in a lot of time and effort to find a factory with fair and ethical practices and a safe working-environment and only use eco-friendly fabrics.  They continually work with their suppliers to improve on manufacturing and production, researching & learning all they can about their industry and their suppliers to find best business practices. They seek to meet, join and support all individuals, businesses and groups with similar, sustainable and eco-friendly goals….. This is an ongoing and continual process.



PROTECT THE PLANET: UBU’s fabric is made from 100% regenerated and recycled material like old fishing nets and plastic bottles that are rescued from our oceans and landfills. It has the exact same quality as virgin nylon and has the potential to be infinitely regenerated in this fashion. It is extremely

durable, more resistant to chlorine and suntan oils & lotions than alternatives and has the highest available rating for UV protection. They use only minimal packaging for their products and for shipping. All packaging materials from their suppliers are returned and reused.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: They want to provide easy ways for their customers to give back and make a difference. They have partnered with BIG Against Breast Cancer and 4Ocean to do this. A percentage of all sales will be donated to BIG Against Breast Cancer and they also sell 4Ocean bracelets which fund their global movement to clean trash from the oceans.



Paula is the founder of UBU Swimwear. For many years Paula struggled to find good quality swimwear that fits right and looks good. In conversations with friends and family she learned that others had similar experiences. After moving to Singapore, Paula decided to use her creative skills and entrepreneurial spirit to introduce something new and innovative in the swimwear market. 18 months later, UBU Swimwear was launched. Paula created a product and a brand that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Sustainability and ethical manufacturing became core values of UBU Swimwear. Giving back to society is also a goal of UBU Swimwear and fully integrated into the business operation. Sustainability, ethical manufacturing and giving back to society are core values of UBU Swimwear and are integrated into all business practices.