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Ritu Priyanka

Power To The People Protect The Planet



Handcrafted textiles and adorned garments.



Hong Kong based label “Ritu Priyanka” is a fashion forward yet ethically conscious brand. Their vision is to weave the history, knowledge and craft of Indian textile artisans into the ever evolving world of fashion. They design in Hong Kong keeping in mind their end product. The artisans in remote villages of India, who are practising and keeping these heritage artforms alive are brought on board and they execute the design, giving you a unique, one of a kind, handmade garment.



Vision: To be able to project and make slow fashion a sought after line.



Indian handlooms have many magnificent stories to tell of their heritage and how the art has been passed down through generations. Each piece is well researched and designed to be in line with the fashion season, adding more grandeur to the craft it promotes. Ritu Priyanka gives you an opportunity to own an apparel which has,heritage in every warp and weft.



POWER TO THE PEOPLE: They work with artisans who are practicing textile processes which are minimum 400 years old. As their processes are all done by hand and hence takes time and has quantity constraints they had lost market to the culture of fast fashion. They are trying to give them an avenue by which they can keep their art alive and make a living. Hence they work with artists practising different artforms in different parts of India.

PROTECT THE PLANET: Their artisans use vegetable dyes. They print and weave by hand so there is no use of machines or electricity. Hence it is good for our environment.



Having met in Hong Kong, Ritu and Priyanka found mutual interest and passion towards promoting traditional arts through fashion. Putting thoughts to action they created their band ‘Ritu Priyanka’ based on the ideology of slow fashion and promoting artisans.

Ritu an art enthusiast brings to the brand her knowledge of colours, design elements and modern aesthetics. Combined with Priyanka’s experience in the fashion industry, the two work hand in hand to create each signature piece. Their designs have magnificent stories to tell and are conversation starters, with heritage in every warp and weft.