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Power To The People Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being


Connecting the threads of travel to those of clean design. 



“Sui” is the newest endeavor of the brand Sue Mue. A budding label that aims to weave together their love for travel and its connection with design. They believe in optimistic and responsible fashion, that the world deserves to be loved more and that their connections with people are key to building a label with a legacy. Sui’s collections find inspiration from their travel adventures; every piece of clothing is lovingly made in Delhi, India with sustainable fabrics. The brand is the stitching together of their passion for the earth and the voice of fashion. At Sui, they believe that it’s possible to walk together and create beautiful clothes by causing no harm to our beautiful planet and its people. 



They work with sustainable fabrics, sourced from responsible vendors. A chunk of their fabrics are handmade, which means no electricity is used in its creation. All their products are made in house, at their workshop, which they share with their parent company. The team is in constant touch with their thread spellers. They also work with social enterprises on a regular basis, whether it is for handmade crafts in India, or for supporting organizations in need.

Conservation is key at Sui, and they truly believe in saving and re-using their resources as much as they can. Their fabric waste is upcycled into accessories to compliment their collections, while all their packaging is created with recycled paper and vegetable dyes. Lastly, education is another pillar of Sui; their team is constantly reading, researching, and sharing. They believe that collaboration is key to a greener future.



WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: Clothing made from Hemp, GOTS certified cotton and other sustainable fabric blends, using azo free dyes, which is the second best alternative to fabric dyes, and natural dyes.

PROTECT THE PLANET: They use recycled packaging as much as possible, and also keep finding ways to up cycle all their fabric scraps to give them a new life. Plastic-free is their aim, and they are slowly working towards it.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Ethically produced in the heart of New Delhi, their masters, karigars and production staff is their family and have been with their parent brand for years and years. All their employees are paid fairly with benefits and they strongly believe that they care for the same mission they do. 



Mahima Gujral is the third-generation entrepreneur to join the Sue Mue brand. Born into a world of elegant dressing, she grew up recognizing the beauty of custom-made clothing, the value of quality fabrics, the craft of embroidery and the essence of building close-knit relationships at every part of your value chain. Bitten by the travel bug, Mahima believes that the best journeys are those closest to nature, those that inspire, energize and fascinate. She also believes in sustainability, in fashion that gives back to the planet, and feels light on your body and soul.