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Akesi Wellness

Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being


Probiotic+ Powders and Bio-Fermented Tonics for the whole family to help restore and maintain the body’s gut microbes.



The Akesi brand echoes Hippocrates who believed that all disease began in the gut. The Greek God Akesis and Goddess Akeso represented the process of curing rather than the cure itself, and also helped form part of the Akesi Brand. Akesi nurture your microbial health with Probiotic + Powders and Bio-Fermented Tonics providing billions of diverse and beneficial strains to support the immune system and healthy digestive  function across all ages. Akesi products are proudly made in Australia and are vegan-, gluten-, and dairy-free with no nasties.



Akesi believes in educating people on the importance of the human microbiota, and nurturing their microbial health. Their three Bio-Fermented Tonics are in 500ml glass amber jars that can be reused or recycled. They are a month’s supply of a quality fermented beverage in contrast to other commercial fermented drinks which are most frequently single serves with a higher volume of waste. All packaging is recyclable.



WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: By creating a healthy internal environment, you will allow healthy bacteria to grow. The probiotic will restore and maintain your body’s diverse gut microbiota – assist digestive health, maintain healthy bowel habits and provide immune system support.

PROTECT THE PLANET: They limit waste using glass amber jars for their Bio-Fermented Tonics that can be reused or recycled. They have also ensured their HDPE Probiotic + Powder containers are BPA Free and can be recycled.



Dr Elizabeth Biggs and Victoria first met in Singapore in 2011 during those demanding yet rewarding days of newborns and toddlers. They shared stories of health woes and together with their complimentary views realised there was a better way to improve the health of themselves and their families. Elizabeth and Victoria collaborated using available evidence emerging from scientific research, they decided that together they would create the Akesi product line to help people make dietary and lifestyle changes for the health of the gut, and in turn the health of the body.