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Some Peanuts Please

Innovation For Good Protect The Planet

Multifunctional bags, with minimalist design, using recycled and innovative fabrics.


Some Peanuts Please is all about versatility. They make bags that can be used multiple ways, so that you can buy less, and choose better. Their “ALL IN ONE” signature bags function as a messenger bag, backpack, weekender, and even rain cover. Designed for a lifestyle-on-the-go, and made with conscious fabrics.


Movement is part of our modern lifestyle. We are more mobile than ever before, going from office to meetings, from overnight business trips to weekend getaways. The line between professional and personal life is thinner than ever, so we need bags that transform easily and adapt to our daily moves.

At Some Peanuts Please, they believe that less is more: their bags are designed to be versatile and to be easy to match with any outfit. All bags are multifunctional, and mix two fabrics: polyester made of recycled PET bottles, and an innovative wood fabric made from a thin laser-cut woodsheet; it’s a surprising and graphic material, both natural and durable.


Their materials are consciously chosen to be good for the environment, natural, or sustainable. Their bags are also made to last. And, since they can be used for multiple occasions, they eliminate the need to buy more bags!


INNOVATION FOR GOOD: Their multifunctional bags are not only innovative in style, but also in material. Bags can be worn in more ways than one, so that you can carry one bag from place to place.

PROTECT THE PLANET: Their materials include recycled plastic bottles and wood fabric that comes from Italy. Their partner supplier uses wood from sources that are durably managed in respect of the whole eco-system.


Pascaline and Alan are two French people originally from Brittany, who are now living in Paris. They met at IFM, French Institute of Fashion, where they were Executive MBA students. Having to carry their computer and stuff in multiple bags all the time, they started looking for multifunctional bags as alternatives. Since they couldn’t find anything they liked on the market, they decided to make their own. And the rest, as they say, is history!

some peanuts please