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hoya kerry

Power To The People Protect The Planet


Sustainable and ethical sports bras for women to keep fit, feel sexy and be eco-friendly all at the same time.



Sustainable activewear made from eco-friendly fabrics with reusable packaging. Good for yoga, gym and dance! For every order they get, they plant one tree. Their philosophy is love green, love sweat and love MORE.



Vision: They aim to help their clients achieve wellness not only physically, through its activewear, but also spiritually, in the knowledge that they are supporting a company that does its part to combat climate change by using environmentally-friendly materials and means of production.

Mission: They encourage and spread knowledge to their consumers on how best to treat the world we are living in. They also want you to be happy and confident in your bodies and soul. Before you can share the love with others you have to feel it within yourself.



The name of hoya kerry is from the heart-shaped plant, hoya kerrii – a symbol of love. Everything is connected. Living well at hoya kerry is not just about taking care of ourselves though also caring for our communities and our planet.



POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Transparency is the first step to transform the industry. They proudly demonstrate fair working conditions that comply with local standards to ensure well being of all employees.

PROTECT THE PLANET: They aim to use more recyclable fabrics; They use no unnecessary packaging and minimal plastic.



Elaine Cheng – Founder. After several years of working experience in lingerie and swimwear companies, Elaine decided to pursue her dream and create her own label in 2017. A passion for dance and yoga led her to focus on fitness clothing. She began hoya kerry on her own, designing and sewing her collection on two sewing machines. Her experience with lingerie and swimwear allowed her to see there was a gap in the market for sportswear that supported the female form but still made the wearer feel sexy and beautiful.

Eleonora Ferrari – Co-Founder. Coming from a more enterprising background, Eleonora has an MA in Business Administration. Currently, she is working in a prestigious Italian jewellery and luxury goods company and after work, she teaches Les Mills classes at a gym. So her ideal activewear is something practical and fashionable, which can be worn to work and to the gym.

Enkhtuul Bud – Co-Founder. Working as a translator and teacher, she speaks multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and Russian. She is a pescatarian and eats a healthy diet. She loves cooking and baking and grows her own fruits and vegetables in her garden.