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Sunday Bedding

Protect The Planet


Great sheets. Reasonable prices. Less jargon. Better pairings. A little bit of Sunday every day.



At Sunday, they believe that sleep is a personal experience, and they strive to help you wake up to a better morning by listening to your sleeping habits and recommending the set of sheets best suited for your needs.



Vision: They aim to bridge the disconnect between individual sleeping habits and the wealth of bedding options available.

Mission: They’re all about keeping things simple. Great sheets that are blind tested to ensure optimal comfort. Product information that’s actually useful. Linens you can wash without fuss. Free and easy returns within 30 days because your comfort is their priority. And a 2-year warranty on all our products.



They also believe that offering textiles diversity is not only due to market demand, but also the sustainable way forward. Textiles sustainability is very complex – there are many benchmarks and units of social impact to be measured. For example, cultivating 1 kg of cotton (currently 80% of the world’s textiles production) draws on as much as 3,800 litres of water, and producing polyester consumes twice the amount of energy as cotton. By offering different textile options for their customers they hope to minimize their environmental footprint on the world.



PROTECT THE PLANET:  They believe that sustainability in textiles is about being balanced and having a diversified product offering reduces their overall environmental footprint across different areas (e.g. water, waste, energy). On the supply side, as one of the few brands that have complete ownership over our factories, they are able to set yearly targets on the reduction of our consumption of electricity, oil, carbon emissions and water – achieving an average of 10% reduction per annum. This year, their factory was awarded with the MADE IN GREEN certification by Oeko Tex, which certifies that all their products are sustainably products and are fully traceable.



Alex Fan, Co-Founder of Sunday Bedding: Having grown up in a 30-year-old family business that supplies white labels to export clients in US and Europe, Alex has only known quality sheets all his life and is a walking book on the technical ins and outs of home textiles. Prior to graduating from Columbia Business School with a Master of Business Administration, Alex oversaw the local retail operations in Hong Kong and found that experts in the business often get lost in textile jargon like thread count and weave, without understanding how these things affect the way people sleep. It was through this experience he was inspired to create a brand that bridges the disconnect between the sleeping habits of consumers, and the sheets best fitted for them. 

Clara Teo, Co-Founder of Sunday Bedding: Clara Teo is the co-founder of Sunday Bedding and a Data Analytics Senior Manager at Zuellig Pharma. After starting her career as a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Clara moved to Seattle briefly and was part of Finance Leadership Program at Amazon Global HQ. A fellow graduate from Columbia Business School with a Master of Business Administration, Clara is a huge advocate for quality sleep. She believes in the importance of pairing products with one’s sleeping preferences, whether they sleep with pets or kids or only use wrinkle-free sheets.