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Power To The People Protect The Planet

Sustainable, Hand Made & Timeless Resort-Wear.


Inspired by Bali and Ibiza, Baliza designs timeless resort-wear clothing that is both comfortable and elegant. Defined by easy shapes and sustainable fabrics, each piece is consciously created for summer living. Baliza’s philosophy is to create one-of-kind garments, using traditional techniques of beading, block printing, and sophisticated embroidery.  Baliza believes in making a beautiful world by creating clothing made with care and love. Each of their garments is hand made in sustainable cotton with many hours of handcrafted details and works from the finest artisans. They have a perennial collection of classic kaftans that we have available online and in stores and add a few new styles and prints to it twice a year.



Each Baliza garment is made in sustainable cotton and herbally dyed and their productions is ethical and hand made in Ladli, Jaipur.  They do not produce fast fashion items, but timeless pieces that are handmade with care, styles that last. They only add in a few new styles to their collection twice a year. They concentrate their efforts on developing new skills for their artisans and sourcing for sustainable materials.

They have partnered with Ladli, the vocational centre of the NGO i-india in Jaipur, to conserve traditional fabric creating skills, empowering families of artisans and supporting the education of over 3,000 children. At  Ladli, Gudri women learn traditional block printing, beading and embroidery. They receive emotional support and financial education. Young adults attend school and learn valuable skills including  sewing and jewelry techniques. Baliza provides work for over 400 artisans . Everyone receives a fair salary, education for their children, food, medical care  and social benefits for their families.



PROTECT THE PLANET: They garments are small batch and made with sustainably produced organic that are also herbally dyed. 

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: They support artisans in Jaipur by prodiving them with fair salaries plus many other benefits such as emotional support, financial education, health insurance, education.



Gema studied MS in Business Economics, photography, interior design and digital marketing. She used to work at JP Morgan, but stopped when she had her twin boys and decided to dedicate her time to looking after the kids. After a while, Gema continued to pursue her dream of working in design, developing properties and managing websites for small companies.

In 2012, Gema met the support group of I-India in Singapore, and she was so inspired by the amazing work the NGO were doing to help rescue and provide shelter for children on the streets in Jaipur. Later on, she learnt about Ladli, the organisations vocational training centre, and saw lots of craft projects like pretty cushions and blankets that were being made. Gema wondered how she could help bring more work to the organisation, and saw an opportunity to make beach covers that she could help to market in Singapore for them. That’s how Baliza started out, and the styles we made were inspired by the oceans and easy lifestyles of Bali and Ibiza.