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Crystal Clear Power To The People Protect The Planet

Local, Sustainable Juices & Jams by Family-Owned Farmers.


LE FRUIT is a healthy, authentic and sustainable brand from Vietnam that produces its juices and jams in the heart of the lush Mekong Delta in partnership with small family-owned farms in Vietnam.


Since 2000, LE FRUIT built trust with local Vietnamese fruit growers and soon started direct, long-term and transparent relationships with them. They settled their production plant in Can Tho, in the luxuriant Mekong Delta, the heart of the richest orchards of Vietnam to be very close to the farmers. 

The brand uses exclusively fresh fruits locally sourced. Being close to the tropical fruit farms means that they can pick ripe sun-kissed fruits and quickly transport them to their kitchens. Fresh Fruits are squeezed, crushed or simmered only one or two days after harvesting.

LE FRUIT made a clear choice to produce only 100% natural products that contains no preservatives, no chemicals, no artificial flavours and no GMO. What’s more, their juices are pesticide free. They regularly test all juices for over 60 types of pesticide and there are NO pesticide residue detected. This is the result of eithteen years of direct work with about a thousand small farmers in Vietnam. This is their awesome commitment for complete fruit traceability. 


PROTECT THE PLANET: They sustainably source their ingredients with local small-batch farmers in Vietnam. They also use no chemicals or pesticides in their farming methods.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: They support and have close relationships with small farmers in Vietnam to provide them stable sources of income.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: They do regular testing of their ingredients and products to ensure traceability and transparency from the supply chain.


At 47 years old, after 25 years travelling across the continents (between Nigeria, Russia, China, Chile, etc.), Jean-Luc decided to hang his hat somewhere; he limited his choice to few countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Taking into consideration the natural wealth, business potential but also the living conditions, children education (his younger child was only 10 years old), the security, etc. the country that offered the most potential for his business and for his family was… Vietnam! It was a real adventure, back in 2000 to start a processing setup in the Mekong Delta, but Jean-Luc was up for the challenge.

Since the creation of Les Vergers Du Mékong, Jean-Luc has made a clear choice for long-term sustainable development by promoting sustainable farming and local sourcing proving that this is both achievable and profitable in today’s consumer-driven Asia.