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Green Is The New Black

#GITNBTalks: Your Carbon Footprint Matters. Here’s Why.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
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We recently launched the #GITNBTalks online sessions to provide a platform enabling us to discuss pressing topics with thought leaders, industry insiders, and sustainability experts. In our first session, we took a running dive bomb into the topic of why your carbon footprint matters.

Have you ever thought about what your personal carbon footprint looks like? Or considered how your everyday actions can unintentionally increase your impact? Maybe you’re curious as to what tangible steps you can take to reduce your footprint that will actually make a difference? These were just some of the issues up for discussion during the engaging hour-long dialogue.

We were joined by Dr Simon J.D. Schillebeeckx, Co-Founder of the GREEEN Company; Josie Stoker, Co-Founder of Capture; Laura Vicaria, CSR Manager at MUD jeans; and Emily Broughton, the creator behind Saving the Grace and Quantum to chat all things carbon footprint. You can watch the whole discussion below, or keep on scrolling for a summary of our key takeaways.

Three key takeaways

1. Carbon emissions dropped in 2020, but we need to go beyond what we are doing

Globally carbon emissions have reduced by 8% this year. This needs to continue to happen year on year in order to meet the 1.5ºC warming target by 2030. While it’s good news emissions have fallen, it’s concerning that it’s taken a pandemic and the world coming to a complete standstill to achieve this. Which means in order to make an impact moving forward, we not only need to reconsider how we travel, but we also need to think about what goes on our plates, what we’re wearing, and how we produce and use electricity.

2. Collaboration is key

COVID-19 has made people, communities, and world leaders realise that in order to achieve a goal (in this case, eradicate a virus) then globally we must come together and collaborate to do that. The same mentality and approach must be adopted when it comes to our carbon footprints and climate change.

3. Adjust your mindset from reducing and offsetting, to a place of regeneration.

Yes, we all need to think about how we can reduce our energy consumption. But we need to move away from taking action out of guilt and shame and replace it with a feeling of reverence and respect for the planet. By adopting a positive mindset and thinking about all of the good things we can achieve, we can transition to talking more about the impact of a positive ‘handprint’ as opposed to a ‘negative’ footprint.

And an exciting announcement..!

GITNB has teamed up with Handprint to empower SEs and SMEs across fashion, beauty, lifestyle and F&B to integrate sustainability impact within their operations. We’ve made it super easy for your organisation to go planet positive thanks to our shiny new carbon footprint calculator. Have a play with the beta version for free right here, and please share your feedback with us here.

*Lead image by Harsha Poojari

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