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Green Is The New Black

The Conscious Festival is back, and we’re going hybrid for the first time ever!

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conscious festival 2021 green is the new black

The Conscious Festival is back. We’re going hybrid for the first time ever. With a physical event in Paris at LA CASERNE, Europe’s largest sustainable fashion accelerator hub. Pop-ups in Singapore and London. And a free virtual event for the rest of the world! Mark your calendars, for 24–26 September 2021. We want to see you. Changemakers, world-builders, inspiration-seekers, and everyone in between.


Are you the kind of person who’s concerned about doing your part for the environment, but don’t know where to start or what to do? Or perhaps someone itching to find the connections to create systemic change to fix the most social, political, and existential crisis of our time? We’ve curated the Green Is The New Black Conscious Festival, back this September, just for you. It’s the place where fun and social environmental responsibility go hand in hand. An educational and festive event. About sustainability, regeneration and spirituality, focusing on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, money, transport, energy, travel… and fun. An experience that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to #UnlearnRelearn. And, to top it all off? We’re carbon neutral, almost zero-waste, and plant-based. (Yes, we did that.)


There’s never been a better moment than now. From the climate crisis, to increasing and impending ecological upheaval, to massive economic disparity, to seriously alarming fake news? We’ve been questioning the way we work, play, love, and live.

Then 2020 came along. Adding to the cocktail a global pandemic (and vaccine apartheid to boot), increasing political, gender and racial polarisation. It left us feeling even more dazed and anxious. If you’ve been feeling any kind of eco-anxiety, disempowerment? We’re right there with you. The Conscious Festival is our answer to something tangible we can do about all this. We’re looking to build a connected world. One based on regenerative systems, circular economies, low techs, collaboration, solidarity and equality. And since our wellness is inextricably tied up with thriving communities and a healthy planet? This better world will mean better relationships too. With each other, and with ourselves.

We’ve been hosting Conscious Festivals for six years now. Last year, we went virtual. This year, we’re taking on the challenge of doing a hybrid festival. Basically, we’re combining the best of both worlds. We’re extra excited about working with our venue and strategic partner, LA CASERNE, to bring the Conscious Festival to life—pandemic-safe, of course—in Paris. On that, co-founder of Green Is The New Black, Paula Miquelis, has this to say. “It’s our first time in Paris, after several years in Asia. It’s so exciting, and scary at the same time. For us, it’s a beautiful challenge. We’re hoping to answer the questions of how to explain and experience the links between sustainability and spirituality, and how to recreate a common narrative promoting collaboration and diversity, rather than competition and uniformity.”


We’re absolutely buzzed about having the Conscious Festival come to life in Paris. (Can you believe it?) We’ve been positively waiting for this moment, since the lockdowns, to build real connections towards major systems change. Thanks to LA CASERNE, it’s actually possible.

Where the (sustainable fashion) party’s at: our venue partner, LA CASERNE

If you haven’t heard yet, LA CASERNE is Europe’s largest sustainable fashion accelerator hub. Transformed from the oldest fire station in Paris, it’s now a space dedicated to the fashion and luxury industry in Europe. It’s just opened. And we’re honoured to be the very first event gracing its space. Boasting spaces for events and workshops, and offices for selected fashion brands, a responsible materials showroom, a Fablab, a dreamy courtyard and more, it’s perfect for the Conscious Festival. LA CASERNE presently houses brands that align with and accelerate its mission… To create a place where actors of change meet, and collectively imagine the world of tomorrow. Some of the brands in its residence include one that only uses leftovers (L / overs), one that highlights ancestral techniques of Burkina Faso (PEULH VAGABOND), and one that makes responsible activewear from recycled or recyclable materials (Circle Sportswear).

Consuming responsibility at the VILLAGE

On that note, Circle Sportswear is one of our over 30 featured conscious brands and retailers at the VILLAGE (the marketplace). You’ll also get to shop responsibly from the likes of Aigle, a footwear brand that’s committed to designing sustainably, being part of the circular economy, and protecting the planet. MUD Jeans, an exemplary circular fashion company that introduced the pioneering lease-a-jeans model in 2013, and continues to practice circular economy principles rigorously today. And much more. At the VILLAGE, we’ll have these brands selling their deadstock and “rejected” pieces. And by “rejected”, we mean ones that have minor blemishes… but are still excellent products looking for new homes.

What else to shake things up? You’ll hear music all day from French label records, the likes of Menace and Goutte D’or from Cracki records. And all around the space, you’ll be able to catch immersive art. Artists, for example, from Central Saint Martins School in London who are going to use upcycled fabrics to immerse you into the world of the new using the old. And if you get hungry? Pick up some plant-based grub from any of our plant-based eateries. LA CASERNE is also collaborating with Entourages Paris to open a 100% vegetarian restaurant. And our Conscious Festival festival-goers will be the first to have their delicious foods on our tastebuds.

Expanding your mind at the TALKS

Catch thought leaders and global disruptors across five transformative sessions. You’ll take away juicy, actionable insights that will empower you to change your life. Titled COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE, WELLNESS & SPIRITUALITY, SUSTAINABILITY & REGENERATION, PLANET & BIODIVERSITY and FASHION & BEAUTY, you’re bound to find something that’s up your alley. Or, if you’re adventurous like we are? Book your tickets to all sessions and strap in for the mind-expanding experience of a lifetime.

We’ve got an extensive speaker list lined up, but here’s three as a little teaser. Isabelle Delannoy, one of our Green Warriors, founder and general manager of Do Green-Symbiotic Economy. Dale Vince, founder of Skydiamond, that’s taking carbon from the atmosphere and turning it into diamonds. And serial entrepreneur and author Swaady Martin, who’ll share with us how to reconnect the West with its ancient wisdom and spirituality. The TALKS are sure to empower, motivate and ready you to unleash your best self into the world. In short, you’ll be ready to make more of an impact and live a fuller, greener life. It’s everything you need to take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously.

And then some…

If you think that’s all, you’d be wrong. We believe businesses can be a force for good and make a real impact. This is why we collaborate with companies, big and small. We are super honoured to bring regenerative values to life with Kering as a founding partner of our Conscious Festival in Paris. At Kering they believe there is no future of Fashion without sustainability. Through their Care, Collaborate and Create pillars, their ambition is to Craft Tomorrow’s Luxury. Kering is committed to restore ecosystems, species, and spark systemic change that goes above and beyond their supply chains.

Some of our other partners include the first online marketplace dedicated exclusively to refurbished electronic devices, BackMarket; and the folks over at Time For The Planet: who are going to announce the first-ever companies they’ll be investing in. (Their mission is to invest 1 billion euros by 2030 into just 100 sustainable companies which they think will change the world.) And we haven’t even talked about our live Green Warrior exhibition, and a thrilling party to kick all of it off on 8 July.

PS: We’re still looking for volunteers to help us out in Paris. Drop us a mail if you’re interested and in the area.


Don’t fret. We’ll be having physical pop-ups in Singapore (at the Sustainability Academy at City Square Mall, 24–25 September) and London (at The Mills Fabrica, 24 September). This means if you’re in these two cities, you’ll still be able to participate in a physical event, and we promise you won’t be missing out. From Singapore and London, you’ll be able to access TALKS and WORKSHOPS. More details on exactly what will be available to come, but for now, keep your eyes peeled.

And if you’re joining us virtually? Get ready for three days of jam-packed activity, and an opportunity to connect with other conscious folks… online! We’re revisiting Hopin, the platform we used for our Virtual Conscious Festival last year: check out more details and sign up here.


Whether you’re joining us in person in Paris, Singapore, or London, or from somewhere else in the world virtually? We’re thrilled to have you join us on this collective journey to #UnlearnRelearn… Towards embracing a more sustainable lifestyle by reconnecting with yourself, others, and the planet. Stay tuned here for more updates, and don’t forget to share our fancy website with your friends, family, kin (or any stranger, really) to spread the word!

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