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Green Is The New Black

The Conscious Scoop: Plant-Based LEGO Blocks, the plastic bag sitch in Singapore and Sustainable sex

Here are 10 things you need to know, that’s happening in sustainability around the world this week. 
So what’s the latest this week? Well, Singapore still doesn’t want to put a levy on plastic bags (what’s new), LEGO is trying to be more sustainable, Greenpeace is using 6-year-olds to market their environmental agenda and Trump, as usual, not making it easy on anybody including animals.  Here’s this week’s conscious scoop:

  1. LEGO Will Start Selling Sustainable, Plant-Based Blocks This Year

Amazing win for the week, LEGO has decided to move away from plastic in its supply chain.The brand’s first sugarcane-based plastic items will be hitting the market later this year. But that ain’t all, LEGO has already managed to power 100% of its operations with renewable energy and it vows to reach zero waste in its production by 2030.

Is this a big step in the right direction or not enough to make up for years of plastic pollution?

  1. 50 shades of green: A guide to ecosex

We’ve all probably heard about a lot of different types of sex by now but have you heard of sustainable sex?! Now, ecosexuality—that is, the trend of people who lead environmentally-conscious sex lives —is showing signs of growth.

Because we can love having sex and saving the planet at the same time.

3. Tackling excessive plastic bag use: No levy in the works [SINGAPORE]

“Imposing a charge or ban on disposable plastic bags and substituting them with other types of disposable bags is unlikely to improve environmental outcomes,”, Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources. “In Singapore, a more sustainable approach is to tackle the excessive consumption of all types of disposables”.

Out of Curiosity, Dr Khor, Are plastic bags not an excessively consumed disposable all over Singapore?

  1. Greenpeace’s Team Plant – Campaign run by 6-year-olds about meat consumption and the planet

It’s time to eat less meat and Industrial meat and dairy production threaten our forests, water, climate, and health. So we asked ourselves when the grown-ups don’t step up, what would six-year-olds do? – Greenpeace

Because most of the time, Children are wiser than most adults.

5. Calling all ad agencies: Make sustainability sexy

Making sustainability cool and sexy is not an easy job (even though we make it seem flawless, JK!). (WWF) and WiLD Studios have launched a global challenge called Project Extraordinary to inject much-needed creativity into the sustainability conversation by developing a short-form video concept, focused on raising environmental consciousness in consumer behaviour.

Project Extraordinary promises a new era where the sexiest choice is also the best choice for humanity. – Christy Kilmartin, APAC VP of marketing, Timberland 

6. Greendot founder wants to inspire meat-free movement

Looking at more positive news in Singapore,  Justin Chou, who co-founded the local vegetarian restaurant Greendot, wants to inspire people to go meat-free. “I would like to inspire 100 million people in the world to go meat-free.  The way we consume meat is unsustainable and I hope that my company will solve food issues one day.” – Justin.
Love this movement, we’re with you.

7. Going Green with Fashion: 3 Ways to Save the World in Style

The fashion industry is said to be the world’s second-largest industrial polluter according to high-end retailer Eileen Fisher, accounting for 10 percent of global carbon emissions, right behind the oil industry. Get 3 ways to be fashionable while also thinking about our planet.

Shout out to our dear friend Raye Padit, founder of Swapaholic for making Asia a fashionably greener place.

8. Closing the gender gap helps the planet and the economy

In countries where women participate more fully in political life, parliaments are more likely to set aside protected land areas and ratify international environmental treaties. In India and Nepal, forest conservation has improved as a result of their participation at a community level in forest management.

Are women really the leading voices behind climate action?

9.  The Trump Administration’s Scary Impact on Animal Rights

When we think of Trump, we think of a lot of things (mum says if you have nothing nice to say, best not to say anything), but do we think of his impact on animals? Since his administration, President Trump made it harder for anyone outside the government to access some information about animal abuses (such as puppy mills), and now he’s (twice!) made it legal to import elephant trophies hunted in Zimbabwe.

Another day, Another story of stupidity (whoops, sorry mum!)

  1. Five ways to break up with plastic

We all have an obsessive, toxic relationship with plastic. It’s just like trying to get rid of that super annoying yet totally attractive GF/BF but when you finally do you feel like a whole new person and wondered why you didn’t break up with them earlier. Well, same with plastic.

Check out 5 sure ways to say bye-bye to plastic disposables.

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