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Green Is The New Black

What is Carbon Neutral Energy? Interview with Sivakumar Avadiar of ES Power Singapore

Carbon what? Carbon neutral may have been a term that you may have heard but what does it actually mean and furthermore, what is carbon neutral energy. Our everyday actions have a huge impact collectively, and energy is one of them.

We chatted with Sivakumar Avadiar the co-founder of Environmental Solutions and ES Power to understand what exactly it means to be carbon neutral, what it matters and how we can join the green energy movement.


Starting Environmental Solutions in 1999, Sivakumar has been in the sustainability business for a long while. Beginning with very niche group of customers and corporations, they wanted to expand and move to consumers. Behold, they entered electrical retail with the inception of ES Power.


Mother Nature would say “clean up after yourselves”. We are all here for a short span of time. This is just borrowed space. We inherit it, we leave it better, then pass it on to the next generation.  

– Sivakumar Avadiar


In this interview, we speak to Sivakumar about:
> What it means to be carbon neutral
> Why it is important to be carbon neutral
> How going carbon neutral affect us in Singapore


The meaning of going carbon neutral
If you’re a user of electricity, it doesn’t matter who or where you are. If the source of the electricity is fossil fuel, you are still indirectly producing carbon dioxide from your consumption. Not everyone can set-up wind farms or solar panels, but they can join our carbon neutral programme where you buy green attributes from green projects around the world to offset your own carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.


Your energy consumption’s impact on the environment
Fossil fuels have been the main source of energy for electricity production in Singapore. About 30% of all CO2 emissions in Singapore is from electricity production. Even though Singapore uses the cleanest form of fossil fuels (liquefied natural gas), it is still a fossil fuel. On a global scale, electricity is a major contributor to CO2 emissions.


The social vein of ES Power
ES Power offers social institutions rock-bottom prices through their micro-philanthropy platform. This platform showcases these institutions, letting people know what they work on, their bill and allows anyone to offset/lower their bill. They aim to extend this to 1-room homes in Singapore. There’s a need to balance the social injustices that may arise from a market that will soon be liberalised, which sees bungalows enjoying huge savings and one-room flats facing the opposite.


Sivakumar’s #LittleGreenSteps on reducing your carbon footprint

  • Going carbon neutral is one way you can reduce your own carbon footprint. Collectively we can make a difference
  • Recycle, reduce your consumption and wastage
  • Every bit counts, we should do everything we can to make the world a better place


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An environmentalist, avid baker, and a dreamer with a goal to open the world of conscious living and responsible consumerism to Singaporeans and hopefully the rest of the world! She’s currently an undergraduate who’s hungry for an exciting adventure - or mostly just hungry. She hopes that by the time she graduates, she can help herself and her community leave green footsteps on this Earth we call home. 

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