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Green Is The New Black

Reaching Life Goals With Technology – Interview with Anabel Chew

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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The world is so accessible to us, and also makes us super accessible to others. This can get pretty overwhelming, so how do we manage that? We need to find a balance between our offline and online world. In this series, we speak to changemakers on how they find that harmony and thrive in their best lives.

Once a professional flutist, now co-founder of WeBarre, Anabel Chew is a hardcore #girlboss. Anabel joined us in with a sparkle in her eye. A Type-A person and a fitness junkie, her excitement with technology, order and efficiency were undeniable.

Singapore and Hong Kong, you may have seen the WeBarre studios around, the brainchild of Anabel Chew and her business partner. However, she didn’t become a fitness instructor from the get-go. Having loved music her whole life, she decided to pursue it professionally in university specializing in the flute. Her parents were not pleased, she was cut off financially and emotionally, that was tough to take in. Things became real very fast, and failure wasn’t an option. Anabel’s never-say-die attitude is inspirational. As she worked crazy hard to get out of her funk, she emerged a beautiful phoenix with much tenacity and success.

We left inspired as we chatted with Anabel about how she uses technology to keep her life organised so that she can get her life moving efficiently and seamlessly.


GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK: What are 3 things you’re most proud of?

ANABEL CHEW: One is of course, WeBarre. That is because when we first started, we had to build it from scratch. We didn’t know anything about the fitness industry since I’ve been in music all my life. To grow it to what it is today in a span of 2 years is something I’m so proud of. Next is my fiancé, my favourite person in the world. He has a really kind heart and puts others ahead of himself. I really look up to him and am so proud of him. Third is myself. For being able to declutter and live a slightly more minimal lifestyle. I’m absolutely obsessed with vacuuming and only keeping the things that I really need – I like simplifying my life that way.


What does your best life look like? 

It is when my mind, body, and soul are all balanced. Mind – being able to be mindful and aware of what is around you. Body – to be healthy, look good and be at my fittest whenever I can. Soul – to be with people that I love, do projects that I’m passionate about. It can be about building a business, doing a job or just building a house that I can put my soul into.


What are your top 3 tips for designing your best life?

  1. Have an honest conversation with yourself

What does it mean to live your best life? A lot of times I find myself or telling people to ask yourself what it is that you truly want. Have an honest conversation with yourself about it, because what you truly want may not be a popular opinion. After you’ve decided, then ask yourself if you have the ability to do it and if you have the heart to do it.


2. Having heart for what you want to do

If yes, then that is great. If not, would it hurt someone else? Would it cause a negative impact?


3. Having the ability to do what you want to do

Do you have the ability to pursue your goals? If not, it’s not the end of the world. Get the support from your friend, partner, and network to leverage off each other’s skills. I always believe that iron sharpens iron. What you practice only grows stronger and once you have that, stay on your path and don’t let anything else distract you.


What is your relationship with technology?

I love technology. I have dreams of having a house that is eco-powered, that knows my name and turns on the lights when I enter. I’ve always been in the people business even though I’m an introvert. I love retreating into my little corner at home and have my music software know what I like. My computer knows me and gives me an inspirational quote for the day. Now, my Fitbit tracker tells me I need to slow down when my heartbeat is a bit erratic or when I need to exercise a bit more. I love efficiency, I love automation. I like it when things are moving quickly and seamlessly.


How do you use technology?

As a fitness instructor, I need a timer for interval training and it has to be sporty enough. This is where my Fitbit comes in. I also wear it to sleep because it is comfy and it tracks my sleep patterns. Sleep is important and with a good night’s rest, I can do anything. I also love the meditation app. It’s hard to put aside an hour to go for a meditation class, but with it on the watch, it tells me my heart rate and forces me to breathe. In 2 minutes, it’s all done and I can see how my heart rate has reduced. It’s simple and I use it 4-5 times a week.


Any final piece of advice?

Balance is the key to everything. Don’t go on too much of the extreme on either side. I speak a lot about the minimal life, decluttering your life and wardrobe, and buy only what you need without going into the deep end. Do everything in moderation and have a clear conscious effort about what you’re doing – you’re on your way there.


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We’re thrilled to bring you this series on designing your best life with thanks to our friends at Fitbit.

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An environmentalist, avid baker, and a dreamer with a goal to open the world of conscious living and responsible consumerism to Singaporeans and hopefully the rest of the world! She’s currently an undergraduate who’s hungry for an exciting adventure - or mostly just hungry. She hopes that by the time she graduates, she can help herself and her community leave green footsteps on this Earth we call home.