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Green Is The New Black

Vikas Garg | Founder & CEO, abillionveg

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Vikas Garg in water

Making Plant-Based The New Norm


For driving the plant-based movement in Asia and 100+ countries globally

Vikas Garg is the Founder and CEO of abillionveg, a rapidly growing global internet platform on a mission to help a billion people become plant-based by 2030. abillionveg has spread to 100+ countries since its debut in 2018. Vikas launched abillionveg after a 15-year career in public and private markets with Credit Suisse First Boston, CalPERS, 1/0 Capital, and Dymon Asia Capital.


Vikas is a dedicated sponsor of minority education and animal rescue initiatives around the world. Vikas received Credit Suisse’s Global Citizenship Award and is a Young Leader of the Milken Institute. He’s a graduate of Emory University and lives in Singapore. 


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