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Green Warriors 2019

Saving Trees and Tigers  For promoting nature and culture conservation, and eco-living through environmental educationTeresa Teo

A Denim Revolution   For creating an on-demand supply chain to address fashion wasteWalden held leadership roles

The Recycling King  For providing accountable and measurable waste management solutions to both commercial and residential

Taking Litter Picking To The Max  For cleaning up the Hong Kong coast through adventuresAn adventurer,

Extreme Trash Collection  For cleaning up the Hong Kong coast through adventuresEsther is a co-founder of

A Singing Sensation With A Message  For capturing the weird and wonderful planet with music to

The Urban Farming Guru  For converting dead city spaces into urban farmsBjorn started his career as

Sustainability In Business  For empowering and connecting businesses and the next generation to build a sustainable

A Pioneering Advocate For Sustainability  For being a prominent eco champion proving corporates can lead change

The All-Around Climate Crusader  For fighting the climate crisis on multiple fronts and creating a low carbon environmentRenard is a Climate Change Advisor to CENT-GPS. He is actively involved in engineering solutions for a low carbon environment across multiple fronts through

Making Plant-Based The New Norm  For driving the plant-based movement in Asia and 100+ countries globallyVikas Garg is the Founder and CEO of abillionveg, a rapidly growing global internet platform on a mission to help a billion people become plant-based by

Viral Videos That Change The World  For using storytelling to inspire systemic change to end the waste issue in IndonesiaGrowing up on the island of Bali from the age of nine, Gary witnessed the devastating effects of the island’s waste problem