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Green Is The New Black

Using Technology To Motivate – Interview With Hanli Hoefer

Reading Time: 3 minutes
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Looking to find balance with technology? Want to take hold of your own health, sleep, cycles and overall wellbeing? Join us for as we speak to trailblazers to understand how we can use technology to learn more about our offline world, empower ourselves with data, and be inspired by their daily routines, tips, and tricks from the struggles they have overcome.


A TV presenter for MTV Asia, a Radio DJ on Power 98 – you’ve seen her, you’ve heard her. She’s also a model, presenter, and actress, there’s little Hanli Hoefer can’t do.


We chatted with this rising star to find out how she designs her best life in the technology-ridden and data-driven world that we live in today. For someone so young, she has come very far. She’s not only a proud dog fosterer, she’s been managing herself for the last 5 years and her love and pride for the family she comes from is palpable.


GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK: What does your best life look like?

HANLI HOEFER: My best life is one where I’m constantly daydreaming and making plans for the future. I would love to be surrounded by relationships that are meaningful and intimate to me. I also want to be able to apply myself in a beautiful surrounding and make everyday count for something.


I think it is really important to keep bonds strong especially with those that matter. It is a lot more beneficial to have 3 close friends that 30 acquaintances. Don’t spread yourself thin in relationships and you can keep these bonds strong by checking in with your friends and be supportive for them.


What are your top 3 tips to designing your best life?

  1. Visualise and curate

I am a firm believer in visualising. Go on Pinterest and get lost in creating boards for anything – from recipes to interior design for your car, travel and even DIY facials. I stay motivated by these visuals by spending a few minutes a day browsing Instagram and Pinterest. But curate what you see, that’s the benefit you have now. Follow accounts that speak to you, not just because they’re pretty, but because they have content that is meaningful. With cookies and algorithms, social media content can haunt you. If it does haunt you, at least you’re being haunted by a beautiful beach of Boracay and not “diet tips”.


  1. Use tech to your advantage

If you’re curious about something, don’t stop there. We have the world at our fingertips. Do your research, maybe even watch a documentary and use these tools to feed your hobbies. If you like something, follow up on it.


  1. While using technology, don’t measure yourself.

Be it your weight, calories, the number of likes you are getting or the friends you have online, don’t always put a number on things, but track your improvement by going with how you feel. I love keeping fit and trying new workouts and diets, but it wasn’t beneficial to keep track of my progress with a number. I always go with how I feel, my energy level, if my clothes look good and skins feel better. These are much better measurements than counting the number of calories I’m burning per session.


How do you use technology to motivate you?

There is a fine line between using numbers to pressure you versus using it to motivate you. Don’t get on a scale because you know you’re going to freak out at the number, but also don’t ignore it. Be mindful of that number too.


With Fitbit, it has motivated me to maintain a healthy weight and heart rate, it also makes sure I get my hours with the Sleep Tracker. As a Radio DJ with a late shift, by the time I get home and unwind it’s already 1 AM. But with a Sleep Tracker, it lets me know if I’ve got a good night sleep and prepares me for the day ahead. It’s good to have a mindfulness over these things.


What didn’t work for you when you were designing your best life?

Working in front of the camera for the past 5 years and being a model since I was 15 does put a pressure on you as models and now its quite common to get booked based on your social media following. You start to measure your real-life talent by how many people like your photos on Instagram, how could it not? It’s like a Black Mirror episode where there’s a number attached to your worth. It is important to pull yourself out of it and surround yourself with positive people. Life is not about the ‘gram, pay attention to what is happening around you. Once you put your energy into your surroundings, you won’t get sucked in. That’s the way to find a balance.


What is your favourite Wedge of Wisdom?

Just do you. if you’re going to do anything, own it. Be you, do you.



We’re thrilled to bring you this series on designing your best life with thanks to our friends at Fitbit.


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Stephanie is the founder of Green Is The New Black. She is a marketer, event organiser and avid connector of conscious individuals and brands. She loves bringing people together to connect, find inspiration, gain knowledge and be able to take action to create a better life.