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Green Is The New Black

The Conscious Scoop: #10yearchallenge for Climate Awareness & Revolv Helps Us Ditch Single-Use Plastics

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Social media challenges are taking the world by storm and we want in on the #10yearchallenge action. Plus, a new service is coming to town and it’s getting us to ditch single-use plastics.

Check out what’s up in the environmental scene with our top 5 sustainability headlines from the past week!


1. Using the #10yearchallenge for environmental good

It’s all over Instagram; Side-by-side pictures of your friends from 2009 (#throwback) contrasted with a glo-up picture in 2019. While this has been going on, an environmental version of the meme has been making the rounds as well. As we throwback to our carefree days, now’s the best time to show how much the world has changed (for the worse, sadly) as climate change persists.

Post these on your socials and spread some consciousness today.


2. Is Singapore FINished with FINs? 

While there have been several ongoing campaigns in Singapore such as Shark Saver’s I’m FINished with FINs, many restaurants, hotels and even Singapore Airlines have stopped serving the controversial shark’s fin soup in light of environmental concerns and support. In a recent parliamentary hearing, Member of Parliament Louis Ng raised concerns over the serving of shark’s fin soup and suggested for the public service to avoid serving this dish at public events. But alas, his appeal was dismissed.

Will Singapore ever be finished with fins? 


3. Join the “Right to Repair” movement

“When something’s broken, fix it.” Gone are the days where when things weren’t working, we’d fix it rather than get a new one. There have been reports and talk about how producers are producing goods that break easily in order to get people to buy more. That’s why consumers in the US and Europe are speaking out under the “Right to Repair” movement that calls for manufacturers to produce things that last longer and are easy to fix. (In Singapore, that movement is growing – check out Repair Kopitiam) #WasteLess

Repair, don’t throw. 


4. A new service to remove single-use disposables from takeaways

Revolv is a container rental service that is touring Singapore’s shores to help cut single-use plastic and disposables from food and drinks. Revolv’s containers are made from stainless steel and rice husks, using radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags just like those on Obike and Mobikes with drop-off points at participating retailers.

Singapore, the zero-waste movement is here to stay.


5. Food in the ‘Nude’

No, we’re not talking about taking our clothes off. We’re talking about buying groceries with less packaging. The bulk store movement has been gaining ground all over the world and consumers are now asking for less: Less plastic. More producers are slowly reducing plastic packaging, and there’s still a long way to go. But this New Zealand supermarket is paving the way towards mainstream low-impact grocery shopping.

Will you go “nude” for Planet Earth? 


While you’re here, don’t forget to check us out at EarthFest this weekend!

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