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When planning a vacation, we're all about trying to travel consciously. Be that staying at an eco-friendly resort, attempting to offset our carbon footprint or adopting a zero-waste approach. But sometimes, it's easy to be fooled into thinking we're doing good

How does a brand go from fast fashion to conscious production? You might think it isn't possible, but QLOTHÈ has just proven that it is. We sat down with QLOTHÈ's founder, Elvynd Soh, to talk about transparency, sourcing, sustainability, the

Gearing up for a good workout but noticing it's harder to find ethical activewear than the actual exercise itself? Don't sweat it. Here is our guide to sweating sustainably in athletic wear that is fashionable, durable, and conscious. Looking for other

2019 was the summer of Europe. Everybody and their dog visited sun-drenched Spain and sailed the azure-blue seas that surround Greece. Instagram was brimming with FOMO-inducing snapshots that left everybody else at home already planning next summer's euro trip. What

Heading on holiday soon? Don't forget to elevate your resort look with a classic Panama hat and some sunglasses to shade yourself from all the haters are a must. Accessorize away but don't forget to keep it conscious. Here is

Entrepreneurs Gemma Vincent and David Hearn are onto something. They think fashion shouldn’t cost us the earth and we couldn’t agree more. They started making these handmade statement sustainable sunglasses out of bio-based acetate that is oil-free, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Best

From autonomous robots to AI-powered exploration – leaders from some of the biggest players in the tech scene rubbed shoulders with the most exciting start-ups in Asia at the RISE Tech Conference in Hong Kong last week. Naturally, we would never

This is the story of a fashion lover who discovered the harmful, hard-to-ignore faults in the industry and set out to take part in the change to better our planet and people. How did she move from fast to slow

A reflection on why clothes swapping is the next best alternative to not buying at all, as well as how and where to swap your clothes in Singapore. ‘Hand-me-downs’ is a term familiar to most Singaporeans. We’ve all received clothes that