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Green Is The New Black

Add Some Oomph to Your Holiday Outfit with These Sustainable Accessories

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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Heading on holiday soon? Don’t forget to elevate your resort look with a classic Panama hat and some sunglasses to shade yourself from all the haters are a must. Accessorize away but don’t forget to keep it conscious. Here is a list of our most favourite brands that either ship to Asia or can be sent to the region so you can stock up on some sustainable extras for your travels.

Shopping sustainably comes with some bragging rights, too. When someone compliments the bangles on your wrist, you can tell them how it was made. When someone tells you how beautiful your necklace is, you can tell them how much energy its production saved. And when someone says “nice sunglasses” you can tell them who made them and where. Wherever you’re heading (or even if your holiday is just heading to your neighbour’s pool party), stay stylish and safe from the sun with these accessories from conscious brands that we love because while it’s important to be stylish, being kind to the earth is a virtue.



Accessories and homeware handmade by local artisans around the globe

(SGD $8.50-107 | HKD $49-608)

Shop here l Read more here

Six Degrees Boutique make bracelets that they hand paint over recycled magazines and paper? Shop their boutique for one-of-a-kind accessories that will brighten up any outfit. Skilled local artisans make their jewelry in countries like Kenya, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia, and you’ll be supporting them all directly when you buy from Six Degrees Boutique.



Handmade eyewear that does not cost the earth

(SGD $176-190 | HKD $1008-1086)

Shop here l Read more here

Truth&All makes high-quality eyewear using materials that are kind to the planet by ensuring that they are 100% eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, and 100% recyclable. They create sustainable products without skimping out on quality by collaborating with a family-run, socially responsible business in Greece that is skilled in this craft.



Hats designed in Singapore and handcrafted by women artisans in Ecuador

(SGD $65-175 | HKD $372-1000)

Shop here l Read more here

These traditional Panama hats are transformed into trendy fashion pieces by The Hat Couture. The company is actually founded by Coral Secret, and every piece is made by artisans who are paid fair wages. Head to their website for this classic hat to up your summer Instagram feed.



Pure cashmere scarves handmade using Chyangra fibres

(SGD $240-308 | HKD $1368-1760)

Shop here l Read more here

These soft cashmere scarves are made using hair from goats found in the higher Himalayan hills. Don’t worry; no billy goats were harmed in the making of these scarves — the strands are collected while relieving the goats from their excess coat in preparation for the warmer months. Flaunt this scarf with elegance, also knowing that they use non-toxic dyes.



Upcycled leather belts ethically made in France

(SGD $15 | HKD $86)

Shop here l Read more here

We all need a reliable belt in our wardrobe, and the longer-lasting the better. These belts are made from upcycled leather that is versatile, elegant and goes with most of the existing pieces in your wardrobe. Entoure’s belts can be worn for years and only get softer over time. Hence, they produce smaller collections with timeless styles to ensure they reduce their environmental impact.



Dainty handmade jewelry using recycled materials

(SGD $24-887 | HKD $135-5064)

Shop here

These girly pieces make use of recycled, reused, and reclaimed materials, including classics like silver, gold, opal, and pearl. Their minimal designs are perfect for mixing and matching and are also made from 100% recycled silver or ethically mined gold. They have also made a point to offset their carbon footprint by working in a renewable energy powered studio.



Modern jewelry that is long-lasting and ethically made

(SGD $20-407 | HKD $540-2329)

Shop here l Read more here

Eden+Ellie is a Singaporean jewelry brand that creates authentic pieces sustainably. Their collections include an option to build your own necklace, providing full versatility and an opportunity to show your character through custom-designed jewelry. You know that their pieces are durable because they use 24k gold-plated chain necklaces handmade by skilled artisans who are paid fairly and treated with respect. They also go the extra mile by ensuring that all their materials are sustainable, from the tiny beads right down to the golden clasps.



Accessories made from recycled materials like old tires. They’re timeless and durable, so you won’t get tire-d!

(SGD $9-280 | HKD $50-1290)

Shop here

Chic Made Consciously uses different recyclable materials for each collection, from old tires to brass. They also show you how your purchase has made an impact on the environment. They provide you with statistics like how many tires have been diverted from a landfill, how many cars have been kept off the road, and how many hours of lightbulb energy was saved every time you buy a product on their website.





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