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Green Is The New Black

Re:Qi a conscious wellness retreat in Singapore

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wellness retreat Singapore

If you are currently in Singapore it’s likely that you haven’t left the island in almost a year, and are probably itching to get out. Enter Re:Qi a conscious getaway without getting on a plane. If you are in need for a little R&R, that will soothe your mind, body and soul, this wellness retreat might just be the treat you’ve been looking for.

Re:Qi is a two day and one-night wellness retreat in Singapore that will bring you into an idyllic oasis of nature (happening 25-26 February 2021). Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and nestle yourself in the lush green forest of Labrador Nature Reserve. The team behind Re:Qi is creating a conscious container for you to reconnect with your inner-self while grounding in nature.

Summer Song, Founder of Culture Gen and one of the organisers of Re:Qi shares, “RE:QI offer so much more than a staycation. Every part of the retreat is intentionally curated to provide the space for a holistic and meaningful experience. From the multisensory workshops to the nourishing meals, to being exposed different sensorial practices, in the luscious surrounds, it is a really an immersive healing experience. The program has been curated according to the natural body clock. Day 1 is exploratory and active, and Day 2 is more introspective and calming. We want to help guests move forward in their conscious-living journey, feeling recharged and inspired.”

Nourishing the soul

Drawing inspiration and knowledge from ancient practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, the retreat has been intentionally designed to align the mind and body to the natural cycles of energy.

An immersive journey

Yin and Yang, the balance between the masculine and feminine, dark and light, shadows and brightness, crashing waves and growth. Day one will explore Yang, allowing you to disconnect from the daily grind and getting in touch with your inner-self and your qi (vital energy). Day two is diving into Yin, supporting you to reconnect with your surroundings, and shifting to a lifelong journey of mindful, conscious living.

Movement, mindfulness, introspection

To name a few of the invigorating experiences by thought leaders in Singapore; enjoy a sharing circle with Anita Kapoor, host and founder of shareyourvoice.world, a safe space for contemplation. Move with a barefoot meditation with Linda Hao, certified yoga teacher and creative artist, to help you ground and connect back with nature. Experience breatheology with Jacky Lam, certified meditation teacher, to help you reset your breathing patterns. Movement medicine with Chloe Chotrani, movement artist, to liberate your mind, body and soul. And a mindful conversation with our founder Steph L Dickson, guiding us to explore the interconectiveness of self and environment (and so much more!).

Wholesome inside and out

Food is medicine or yao shi tong yuan as is shared in TCM practices. Which is why the culinary experience has been so carefully curated. Birthed from a special collaboration between the critically-acclaimed Chef Ace Tan, and innovative TCM physician Jun Negoro, ready your senses for a fusion menu that integrates medicinal herbs with a modern and flavourful twist.


The retreat will be held at Villa Samadhi in Singapore on 25-26 February 2021. Use the code GITNB for S$150 discount on all room types. 

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