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Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) powered by blockchain technology

ABOUT THE BRAND empowers corporates and individuals in Singapore and around the region to demonstrate their commitment to fighting global climate change through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) via its reliable platform powered by blockchain technology. These entities can then validate their commitment transparently, on a public blockchain.

The trading platform provides a trusted end-to-end service for its clients, from RECs qualified by the global registry, buyers-sellers fast matching, post-sale ownership verification, and easy RECs retirement to trading fraud prevention.​ is an APX approved independent verifier. The TIGRs Registry is APX’s solution to the global demand for renewable energy in Asia, Africa and the Americas contingent. offers non-obligated consultancy session for any interested renewable energy project developers to register their RECs, and for any business owners too, who wish to join in the ranks of RE100 to go 100% renewable.

VISION & MISSION aims to be the global leading trading platform in accelerating green adoption through technologies and giving access not only to big organisations but also to homeowners and small businesses.


Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates is one of the most effective paths to take to achieve the goal of being 100% renewable or carbon-neutral in your electricity consumption. By empowering people to purchase these, it directly supports the growth of the renewable energy sources, to discourage the building of more polluting coal power plants around the region


PROTECT THE PLANET: RECs support the growth of renewable energy sources and discourages reliance on coal power plants

TRANSPARENCY: Jen Wee started to solve issues of transparency and fraudulent claims using blockchain and AI technology for the trading of renewable energy certificates. also encourages businesses and individuals to validate their commitment transparently

INNOVATION FOR GOOD: has enabled smaller business owners and individuals to go green too through its unique use of blockchain and AI technology.


Jen Wee has more than 10 years experience in the Solar Industry. At REC Solar (the largest solar panel maker in Europe), Jen Wee started the REC Solar project development team in Singapore. He took charge of various portfolio in sales and equipment across the Asia region. He has developed and optimised business processes for EPC and PPA business. He is a firm believer in educating the young and enabled Earthfest 2019 at junior school, engaging students about sustainability through games and exhibits. Jen Wee is a speaker at various forums including the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2019, the leading platform in Asia for energy stakeholders. With a vision of democratising the renewable energy market, Jen Wee started to solve issues of transparency and fraudulent claims using blockchain and AI technology for the trading of renewable energy certificates, which has empowered smaller business owners and individual to go green too.

Jen Wee