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Balanced Living

Pro Animal Life Well-For Your-Being

Holistic wellness centre focusing on natural healthcare, yoga, and food


Balanced Living is a centre of health and wellness in the heart of Bukit Timah. Located above The Living Cafe (one of Singapore’s first raw food cafes), it features a natural healthcare clinic, yoga and meditation studio, reiki classes and workshops, and a store selling high-quality supplements, natural cleaning products, Vitamix blenders, and a ton of other items that support a natural, clean, healthy lifestyle.

At the heart of Balanced Living is a movement that embraces and supports your journey towards happy healthy lives for you and your family.


The core mission of Balanced Living is to facilitate a person’s journey towards achieving their health potential and transforming their life through simple adaptations to diet and lifestyle. It helps empower individuals to make educated decisions about using natural health products. Ultimately it aims to help everyone find the right balance in life.


The Living Cafe, which is connected to Balanced Living serves no dairy, red meat, refined sugar, or preservatives or additives in any of its food and champions a raw diet. All ingredients sourced for the kitchen are fresh and made in house.

It has phased out single-use plastic in the cafe and only serves drinks with bamboo straws.


WELL FOR YOUR BEING: Health, wellness, and balance lie at the core of the brand. Its holistic approach to wellbeing aims to transform the lives of clients, empowering them to live a more clean, healthy lifestyle.

PRO ANIMAL LIFE: The cafe doesn’t serve any red meat or dairy products, instead it focuses on the benefits of a raw food diet.


Dana Heather is a master nutritionist and homoeopath, with a BMed in Pathology. She believes that giving the body the break it deserves and cleansing it internally is crucial for continued overall health through the years. Dana’s philosophy is ‘daily maintenance’, opening Balanced Living was the perfect way she could give access to information and amazing health products to people from around the globe. She believes that health is a personal choice and responsibility; we are only given one body and taking care of it is crucial to us living a healthy, happy and prosperous life.