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Nikoi Island

Crystal Clear Pro Animal Life Protect The Planet

Island luxury with sustainability at its core.


Nikoi is a 15-hectare private island less than 85km from Singapore that is home to 15 opulent villas. Long regarded as one of the most stunning islands on this relatively unspoilt coast, Nikoi Island is fortunate to have remained in pristine condition. The private island is fringed with white sandy beaches and coral reefs of spectacular colour and diversity, whilst the coastline is studded with magnificent white granite boulders that seem to defy gravity. The island also boasts a rainforest where colossal trees, including native Banyans, provide a sanctuary to a diverse population of local birds.


Nikoi Island looks to offer a five-star experience at no cost to the island it calls home.

An important aspect of Nikoi’s approach to responsible tourism has been to ensure that that they are not only helping to protect the environment but also help restore it where possible.  


From the outset, building and operating Nikoi along strict sustainable principles have been at the forefront of development plans for the island. Not only was Nikoi built with local materials, labour and services but it is also operated with them. For example, driftwood was used in the building of the accommodation, bars and dining areas — it involved a huge effort over several years to recover these logs from beaches on surrounding islands. Throughout construction and operation, there has been minimal use of cement, plastic, paint, glass and other man-made materials. Solar hot water systems provide hot water and LED lighting is in use throughout and the rooms are also naturally ventilated, negating any need for artificial air conditioning. To feed their guests, Nikoi grows their own food on a nearby farm, and what they can’t grow they source from local markets and small traders.


PROTECT THE PLANET: By growing their own food, treating their own waste and utilising more and more renewable energy, Nikoi Island is careful to protect the planet it calls home. In 2019, they were certified waste-free with less than 10% of all waste produced going to landfill. All waste is either upcycled, recycled or repurposed.

PRO ANIMAL LIFE: Nikoi Island offers vegan and vegetarian menus to its guests.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: Nikoi Island employs a full-time Sustainability Manager to help implement their policies. A sustainability tour is also offered for guests to see and interact with all the touchpoints at which sustainability is employed and exercised on Nikoi Island.



@Nikoi Island: an island just a boat ride away from Singapore awaits. Fresh air, locally-grown (and plant-based friendly) food, yoga by the beach (among other water sports), A/C- and artificial light free nights, and more. But most importantly, the most welcoming, loving family of staff.The Green Is The New Black team had the most amazing opportunity to stay for a few days, and here's a slice of the life on #NikoiIsland that we got to experience.Trust us when we say: you won't want to leave. (Like, ever.) #TravelMoreConsciously

Posted by Green Is The New Black on Monday, 6 January 2020