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Green Gaea

Power To The People Protect The Planet

Eco Conscious, Fair Trade Homewares, Gifts and Goods.


Green Gaea is a place to shop for hand made beautiful products that are sustainably made by their artisan partners from around the world.

All of their products are personally curated to ensure that the people behind the products, are being truly celebrated through fair trade and fair wages and supporting human rights.

Through supporting these social enterprises we can all shop for the things we love and be conscious of the world we live in by giving back to and supporting these local communities.


Green Gaea is committed to sourcing eco-friendly goods made sustainably within communities using upcycled, organic and locally sourced products. Not only that, it empowers local workers ensuring they are paid fair wages, treated respectfully, and operate in safe and clean conditions.

Green Gaea is dedicated to helping these women and their families find work, improve their overall quality of life, and increase their access to healthcare, education, clean water and housing. Not to mention it also supports the clearing of landmines that are still found within some of these communities.



Partnering with Fair Trade businesses Green Gaea is ensuring that people are being treated fairly, paid fair wages and paid on time. This helps house and educate women and children across the globe and stop the need for them to migrate away from their family, by helping these artisan partners it is helping to maintain their cultural identity and safeguarding it by honouring their traditional skills.



POWER TO THE PEOPLE – Green Gaea champions the individuals behind its products and firmly believe in ethical, fair-trade and female empowerment and all human rights being honoured and not using child labour from mass marketed manufacturing.

PROTECT THE PLANET – All of Green Gaea’s packaging is reusable and biodegradable.  Equally, the jewellery products you’ll find on the site are made from recycled silver and precious metals.