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Brescia Bercane

Crystal Clear Power To The People Pro Animal Life Protect The Planet

Ethical beachwear featuring hand-drawn patterns and designs.


This unique Bali beachwear brand was founded in 2018  by Manon and Brescia, two friends in search of freedom and creativity. Living in Bali, they launched the brand with a capsule collection of seven printed sarongs that proved to be a commercial success. It has now expanded its range to include swimwear, clothing, homeware, and art. All of which are influenced and immersed in a folk universe unique to Brescia.

Every Brescia Bercane print is initially hand-drawn by Brescia with colour pens, Indian ink and pencils and is entirely exclusive. These designs are then digitally printed onto fabric in Jakarta before the ‘making’ of each product is completed in Bali by a factory that hires 40 people. With regards to its textile products, these are created by Balinese couple Putu and Ketut, who live and work in Singaraja, a northern region of Bali. They make the sarongs, scarves and clothes with love in its atelier. Ketut also hand-embroiders the range of unique cushions and wool tassels for accessories and tote bags.

Since launching in Bali, the brand has since been distributed in Indonesia, Zanzibar, Kuwait, the West Indies, Taiwan and Mexico in luxury hotels, spas and concept stores.


It aims to create a completely transparent organisation that champions the #WhoMadeMyClothes movement. It hopes to empower consumers to start thinking differently about what they wear. By encouraging consumers to ask questions, use their voices and change their shopping habits, it hopes to inspire more conscious choices and make positive change.


Its products are printed in Indonesia and made by local artisans in Bali. Fabric printing and design lie at the core of the brand. It uses digital printing in its designs, which allows for precision and only uses the exact amount of ink needed. This method saves water and energy too, making it one of the most ecological choices available.

Brescia Bercane is a part of the #whomademyclothes movement and aims to make the brand completely transparent. It knows exactly who made each of its products (from who stitched them right through to who dyed the fabric), and under what conditions.

It works closely with its makers to ensure they receive a proper salary and work in safe conditions.

Finally, 5% of all sarong and artwork sales go towards International Animal Rescue, a charity helping the plight of endangered species.

Brescia Bercane is on a journey and plans to evolve to become even more sustainable. They will launch by 2021 a new collection of swimwear made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon.


PROTECT THE PLANET: It uses ethical design and printing methods to reduce its impact on the planet.

PRO ANIMAL LIFE: It donates 5% of sales from sarongs and artwork to International Animal Rescue.

CRYSTAL CLEAR : Its core goal is to be completely transparent and ensure consumers know exactly where its products come from, who made them, and what they’re made of.


Brescia hailed from the South of France and studied at LISAA fashion school in Paris. She started as a graphic designer and illustrator for multiple brands. But in 2015 felt the pull of travel and wanted to experience other cultures; an Artistic Director role in Bali beckoned. When she arrived in Indonesia, she immediately felt at home and revelled in the explosion of light, freedom, and positive energy. The first day she arrived, she met Manon, and they became firm friends. Manon had travelled to Bali from the North of France to create a business with her father, but after meeting Brescia, they combined her business nous with Brescia’s creativity to launch Brescia Bercane. One year later, the brand launched with great ambition.