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Bario Neal

Crystal Clear Power To The People Protect The Planet



Ethically-minded jewelry.



Bario Neal is an ethically-minded jewelry line, handcrafted in Philadelphia, with 100% reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and sustainably-sourced stones.



Bario Neal launched 10 years ago with the intention to responsibly source precious metals and gemstones for their jewelry. As they look ahead to the next decade of Bario Neal, investing directly in sourcing initiatives connected to the environment and human rights will remain at the center of their business.



Jewelry can be a very unethical business, but Bario Neal is doing things differently. Bario Neal is an industry leader in terms of ethical manufacturing. Why? To begin with, Bario Neal jewelry is handcrafted with precious metals that have been carefully sourced to reflect their commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability. Overall, they strive for their beliefs to shine through all of their business practices.



PROTECT THE PLANET: They offer Fairmined gold extracted by empowered and responsible small-scale and artisanal miners. A third-party auditing system supports the Fairmined certification. This is a system that ensures that all participating miners meet rigorous environmental and social standards. Furthermore, they also work closely with US refineries that share their vow to minimize environmental impacts while producing recycled precious metals.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: All their jewelry are artisanally handmade in their Philadelphia studio. They also encourage sustainable local economies through partnerships with other organisations. (Which are women-owned and operated, like their own business.) Most importantly: this year, Bario Neal is also working on increasing staff benefits!

CRYSTAL CLEAR: From custom-cut ethical origin baguette diamonds to traceable pave diamonds and colored gemstones. They guarantee their diamonds are fully traceable and primarily of recycled, Australian, Canadian, and Namibian origin. They repurpose their recycled gemstones from old stock or other jewelry. Using these require no industrial processes and avoids further human or environmental impacts.



Bario Neal began as the collaborative work of designers Anna Bario and Page Neal. Anna and Page began working together with the shared idea that our most precious things come with a story. Drawn to the imaginative possibilities of jewelry, yet disillusioned by industry standards that turned a blind eye to metal and gemstone mining’s environmental and human tolls, the designers began to envision how to make jewelry of lasting value and ethical origins. Then, in 2008, Anna and Page launched Bario Neal as a design-forward, women-owned and feminist company.

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