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Coral Secret

Power To The People Protect The Planet


Best ethical Latin American swim and resort brands and handcrafted accessories.

Coral Secret is a Singapore multi-label boutique dedicated to present and retail a collection of swim and resort wear brands that produce ethically and socially responsibly swimwear, resort wear and accessories. Each brand brings a unique handmade element to their product design with vibrant colours and unconventional patterns that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else in Singapore.
Last year, Coral Secret also founded The Hat Couture, a brand that specializes in the design of hats and bags made of Toquilla palm. Their products are proudly designed in Singapore and produced ethically in their factory in Cuenca in Ecuador, a location that has been listed as UNESCO intangible heritage. Their artisans use ancient techniques that are exclusive and unique.


Coral Secret only retails items from socially responsible companies. Their resort wear and accessories are made of natural and sustainable fibers. Their hats and bags designs are unique, handcrafted and dyed by eco-friendly vegetable dye which is azo-free. They also preserve the ancient techniques of their artisans, while enriching different cultures with their designs by exploring elements of eastern and western traditions interwoven in unique and original pieces.

PROTECT THE PLANET: Their hats and bags are made by hand and use eco-friendly dyes
POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Their products are all ethically produced looking after the makers along the way


Mayva Oropeza was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She has an engineering background and has lived in 5 different cities across 3 continents during the last 12 years. Mayva’s inspiration for Coral Secret began with her love of travel and cultures. After moving to Singapore and embracing a new life in a tropical weather with a constant 35 degrees, she realized that she needed to update her wardrobe. However, the lack of natural-fiber clothes and good fitting swimwear lead her to launch Coral Secret in 2014.

Mayva Oropeza