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Six Degrees

Power To The People Protect The Planet

Unique jewellery, accessories, and homeware items.


Six Degrees thinks of itself as an online ‘department store’ selling unique and individual fair trade and handmade items personally sourced from social enterprises and artisans based in developing countries. Focusing on products with high social consciousness, you will find unique jewellery, accessories, and homeware items made from sustainable or up-cycled materials.


All Six Degrees products are either created using up-cycled materials, such as wallets and purses created using up-cycled motorbike tyres in Cambodia, or using sustainable materials, such as Tagua and Acai Nut jewellery from the Ecuadorian rainforest. All producers have been selected due to their high social consciousness and/or fair trade status.

It is more than just sourcing products, it is finding the story behind them. It could be the story of the bullet jewellery artisan who can fund both of his daughters to go to school through selling his work, as well as running a Ministry for street children, or discovering the history of Tagua nut, plastic’s predecessor, and how indigenous communities in the Amazon Rainforest are relearning tradition skills in harvesting and crafting the nuts to create unique and striking jewellery pieces.

Six Degrees also supports Missione Possibile Hong Kong, a charity working with and developing two schools and operating a mobile clinic in rural Cambodia.  10% of Six Degrees annual profit is donated to their work.

PROTECT THE PLANET: They are using up-cycled and naturally sustainable material.
POWER TO THE PEOPLE: They are offering an international retail platform for the diverse range of charities, social enterprises, and artisans that they work with.  


Scottish born Audrey Jack knew from the first time she visited Cambodia (having left feeling traumatized in 2002) that she would find a way to try and make a difference in the lives of the people there. 12 years later, and after a career in communications as well as being mum of two, the opportunity to create Six Degrees came about. The idea struck her to approach social enterprises creating fairly traded high-quality products whilst in Cambodia working with the charity Missione Possible Hong Kong. Since founding Six Degrees back in 2014, her reach has expanded to Vietnam, Bali, Sri Lanka, and Ecuador, with a plans to visit and expand the product range to a new developing country every 2 years.