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Green Is The New Black

Eco-Conscious Gifts for Your Besties – Which GREEN Spice Are They?

Reading Time: 8 minutes
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So, tell me what you want, what you really really want.

The holidays are right around the corner and we are thrilled. Our friends are our chosen family, and we love taking every and any excuse to celebrate them. But… Do you actually know your friends well enough to know which GREEN SPICE they’d be? Read on to figure out which one of these spices best suits your besties – and which eco-friendly, ethical and conscious gifts you should then get them (or yourself)!



Is she fun and athletic? Could she probably outrun a cheetah? Does she turn everything into a competition and never backs down from a challenge? And does she always want to do her absolute best for everything?

If you’ve answered YES to all those questions, you’ve got yourself a SPORTY Spice of a BFF.

These sporty types are incredibly determined, motivated people who are go-getters who won’t take no for an answer. They won’t stand for faff and are constantly on the move, and always have their eyes on the prize. With such hardcore personalities, they’re going to need simple yet incredibly well-made things that’ll help (not hinder) them reach their goals. For the SPORTY Spice in your life, here’s where you should be looking for their gifts this year:


FASHION: Touch The Toes has you covered with the best eco-chic activewear and accessories on the market. From yoga clothes to fitness attire or mats and accessories, all their labels use only organic cotton, bamboo blends, recycled or upcycled materials, and employ sustainable production practices. In short, this is going to help your sporty spice BFF live her best life and achieve her dreams in great green style.

Read more here or Shop here.


JEWELLERYPurnama has got the most classic, easy to match and entirely hand-made accessories ever. They create a meaningful difference in the lives of women and children in Asia by creating unique products that produce livelihood and education through environmentally conscious, sustainable practices. All that to say that their pieces won’t get in the way of your BFF reaching her workout goals, and they’ll remind her of the meaningful differences she creates in the lives of her own loved ones every day.

Read more here or Shop here.


SKINCARE: Utama Spice is an established Balinese brand, specialising in 100% natural beauty and lifestyle products made with little more than cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and pure essential oils. They’ve got all natural liquid soaps, shampoos, massage oils, lip balms, Begone Bug insect repellant spray, incense sticks and even body mists. In short, keep your sporty BFF from being stanky and gift her these fuss-free essentials that she’ll actually love using.

Read more or Shop here.


If you’re in a group of BFFs: GINGER Spice is the Alpha female. She’s large and in charge and you know it. With her boundless energy, her penchant for having drop-dead-gorgeous vividly coloured hair, her passion for helping everybody work together and her distinctly unmatchable firecracker of a personality, she’s often the most powerful woman in the room- and she knows it.

If you’re just a little bit spooked out by how accurate that was, then you know you’ve defo got a GINGER Spice BFF on your hands.

Ginger Spices are an acquired taste- but you know that they always make everything better, so she’s worth getting to know. She loves being organized and sleek, but mostly, she loves feeling empowered; this girl always wants to feel like she could rule the world if it were on her to-do list! Statement jewellery is 100% her thing ’cause she’s always got something to say, and her clothing is how she shows the world who she is, so she’s always looking like royalty. To please the GINGER Spice in your life this year, here’s the tea on where their wishlists will be:


FASHION: Eleven44 makes the things that become your instant favourites – clothing that you reach for every day because it fits perfectly, is uber comfortable and was made with integrity. Their one-of-a-kind streetwear and athletic wear will complement literally every body and are carefully produced items designed for practicality with a long life for the thoughtful and aware consumer. And not only is it all that, it’s also cut timelessly with geometric patterns, so your Ginger girl won’t ever be caught with an outdated piece in her wardrobe. Empower your BFF with the knowledge that the shirt on her back was ethically made.

Read more here or Shop here.


JEWELLERY: Just Gaya’s is a multi-label boutique dedicated to curating a collection of brands, each bringing a unique handmade element to their product design. With their incredibly striking accessories made using plant-based dyes, the age-old art of hand weaving and even the fashioning of hand-printed materials, each brand is simply distinct. In short, every earring makes a bold and clear statement- the same way your Ginger Spice girl always does!

Read more here or Shop here. 


SKINCARE: Apres Avant is a highly curated selection of health, beauty and lifestyle items. This is where you will find wholesome and potent products that are formulated with high-quality organic, biodynamic, or wild harvested ingredients of self and skin. Whether it be beauty, nutrition, wellness or psychology, their products will help your power-obsessed BFF be her absolute best, sparkling self and bring her holistic and healthy living goals to fruition.

Read more here or Shop here.


BABY Spice

Obviously, as the name implies- this girl is the youngest in your BFF group. Or she acts like it, anyway. If she’s always in babydoll dresses, pigtails, and carrying matching coloured lollipops, she’s definitely your girly-girl BFF. Just checking: Is she the bringer of sunshine, the eternal optimist of the group?

If you’ve found yourself nodding “Yes” to any of the above, you’ve got yourself a BABY Spice of a BFF.

Baby Spices might be a little ditzy from time to time, but don’t let their innocence fool you- they’re sharp little dolls who will literally kill anyone who harms a hair on anyone they love. Fiercely loyal, loving, and positive, this girl will never let you down and will always be there with a comforting word and her arms wide open when you need her. Her favourite colour is either pink or purple and she will treasure anything you ever give her, because to her, all love is love and she will return any kindness you show her, tenfold. This is where you’ll find everything that’ll fuel her sunshine this year:


FASHION: Coral Secret is a multi-label boutique dedicated to retailing a collection of swim and resort wear brands that produce ethically and socially responsible Latin American. Made of natural and sustainable fibers, their swimwear is bound to show off that fun and playful side your BFF has hiding under her usually effortlessly sweet appearance. With their classic yet incredibly stylish designs, she’s going to be so pleased.

Read more here or Shop here.


JEWELLERY: Flo Jewellery is a collection of high-quality jewellery designed to remind you of the infinite possibilities within. Beautiful symbolic pieces empower men and women by inspiring hope and positive energy. Handcrafted by skilled expert jewelers using 925 sterling silver, 18K rose or yellow gold, each collection is designed with its own story and meaningful purpose. As if your little Baby couldn’t get any more positively adorable than this- she definitely needs some of this jewellery in her life, and you know it.

Read more here or Shop here.


SKINCARE: Happy Earth is a small, certified organic farm in Thailand. They make body care products the traditional way, using only fruits, leaves, and seeds from plants grown on the farms within their organic farming community. All of their products are 100% natural, chemical free, biodegradable and even edible. They are meant to be genuinely good for human beings, animals and the environment. Imagine this: A skin/body care company that spreads love and inspires change by reconnecting us with Mother Nature. There could not have been a better company for your girl of a BFF. And chances are, you’re gonna want to pick up some things for yourself, too!

Read more here or Shop here.


POSH Spice

Is she effortlessly classy? Does she exude sophistication and refined elegance? Does she always demand only the best for her loved ones and herself? Has she got charm oozing out of every perfectly tightened pore on her face?

If so, congratulations! You’ve got a POSH Spice for a BFF.

Though they have a tendency to come off as snobby, Posh Spices tend to prioritize making excellent first impressions and her every move is carefully calculated to be as smooth and classy as possible, no matter what the situation may be. Confident, Courageous and always ready to stand up for what she believes in, this girl is one of the best friends you could ever dream of. She demands the best, but that’s only because she 100% deserves it. There’s never been a harder worker or a truer friend than her, so here’s where you’re best off looking for her gifts this year:


FASHION: Inspired by Bali and Ibiza, Baliza designs timeless resort-wear clothing that is both comfortable and elegant.  Defined by easy shapes and sustainable fabrics, each piece is consciously created for summer living. They create one-of-kind garments, using traditional techniques of beading, block printing, and sophisticated embroidery. Baliza believes in making a beautiful world by creating clothing made with care and love. Doesn’t that sound like a match made in heaven between a clothing company and your elegant BFF?

Read more here or Shop here.


JEWELLERY: E D E N + E L I E handcraft beautiful jewellery which is designed to last a lifetime. Rising above fast fashion and design, they’ve adopted a slow design model and pour time, commitment and love into each piece. They create jewellery to be lifelong companions that can be worn in any season of life and are fiercely dedicated to their craft, to aesthetics and to function. All their jewellery is proudly made in Singapore, and are functional, wearable pieces with a modern contemporary aesthetic. Which is going to utterly delight your Posh Spice BFF since she’d love nothing more than to talk about the amazing things she’s wearing!

Read more here or Shop here.


SKINCARE: Luxe Botanics is all about luxury organic skincare you can feel and look good about. Inspired by the beauty of traditional wisdoms and a belief in nature to nurture, the line focuses on three active botanicals used by Amazonion Indians and African women form eons before us: Marula Nuts, Camu Camu Berries and Kigelia Africana Fruit. These three things enrich skin health like no other, safeguard the environment and improve the lives of people living in rural communities. All of these are causes that your green-hearted Posh Spice BFF would definitely stand for- so really, why are you even hesitating?

Read more here or Shop here.



Ooooooh, you know this girl ’cause she doesn’t even need an introduction. She’s got style, she’s got sass, and she’s got the confidence to rock everything and anything that she likes best. You’ve got no idea where her sense of fearlessess or her limitless inner strength comes from, and you’re constantly wondering how on god’s green earth she makes anything look great, even those 4.5-inch barbie-doll-pink platform crocs.

If you’ve found yourself snapping and going “OMG, YES” while reading that, you’ve got a SCARY Spice for a BFF.

Scary Spices are LOUD, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. They’re insanely creative, glass-half-full people who always know how to get you laughing til you cry. And everything in her life always comes with a story- because she’s the kind of gal who knows #WhoMadeHerClothes and she’s proud and ready to tell the world all about it. Because she’s so outgoing, you never really know when she’s being serious or not; but you know that she’s secretly a softie who’ll treasure every gift you give them, knowing that so much of your love and thought went into it. For the SCARY Spice in your life, take a look at:


FASHION: MATTER is socially motivated business focusing on affordable luxury, thoughtful design and creates travel wear with stories to tell. Not only are Matter’s pieces beautiful, each tells a story that well… matters. They’re redefining people’s experiences with their clothes and the people behind them while creating timeless yet unique items that you can travel the world in. For the quirky Scary Spice, pants just don’t get any better than these.

Read more here or Shop here.


JEWELLERY: Artisan & Fox is a social enterprise that wants you to #KnowYourArtisan on a personal level. That is why they have created individualised artisan profiles, so you too can be inspired by their stories. Because they encourage their artisans to source materials locally and use eco-friendly materials whenever possible, you’ll be able to find amazing accessories made out of interesting materials such as recycled brass from Kenya and upcycled cowhide bags from Mexico; you just never know what you’ll be lucky enough to find- but rest assured that every piece is truly one of a kind (just like your crazy unique best friend)!

Read more here or Shop here.


SKINCARE: Africology is the perfect skin and body care company for this wild child because they’re inspired by the wisdom of Africa’s traditional healers and plant life; the same way your Scary BFF finds beauty and her inner zen in every atom of the world around us! Africology believes in ingredients that are pure, naturally active and work in harmony with the body, and their range of exquisite skincare, body care, hair care, personal and lifestyle fragrances and essential oils is sure to absolutely delight any Scary Spice’s soul.

Read more here or Shop here.


And that’s all your spicy GREEN eco-conscious gifts for your BFFs, sorted. Have you checked out what to put in their stockings yet? Or decided if you’re having a vegan or a zero-waste Christmas this year? Clock’s ticking- what are you waiting for? Get reading!

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