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Let's face it: It's difficult to fill the stockings of your loved ones with things that aren't just cheap plastic rubbish that you know they're going to throw away. So this year, here's a comprehensive list of less wasteful and much

It's Valentine's Day this week. Love is in the air, Roses everywhere, Cupid running around sticking people with heart-shaped arrows and couples either having sex or fighting. Isn't it an awesome day? Even if you're single, it's the perfect excuse

Chinese New Year is all about family reunions, red packets, eating too much, lion dances and having a lot of fun! Not just that, it’s a spiritually cleansing time of the year. A time where we can forgive and forget

When you are on holiday one of the last things you are probably thinking of is your footprint. I’m not talking about the prints you leave on those white sandy beaches, but the ones you leave on the planet. When

I left Santa gluten-free cookies and organic soy milk and he put a solar panel in my stocking. Last minute random but beautiful gifts for people in your life.    Ah crap! There are always a few people we forget to get presents

  New year, same me, but better… Because I’m already fabulous!   From your inner, outer and mental health - this guide has everything you need to start 2018 off with a powerful bang.    As the end of the year is approaching it’s a time

Raw beetroot ravioli, cashew-macadamia nut aged cheese, truffle - By Gregor Streun, Executive Sous-Chef from Grand Hyatt Singapore As part of our 12 Days of Conscious Christmas, our friend Rebecca Cappelli from Let Us Be Heroes got us this exclusive recipe from