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Green Is The New Black

10 Minutes With Crazy Horse Cabaret Dancer Fleur Copin

Reading Time: 5 minutes
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We caught up with Fleur Copin, dancer extraordinaire at the renowned Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris to talk about her sustainability journey, how artists play a role in raising awareness about climate and social issues and to learn more about her favourite conscious brands.

But first up, here’s the beautiful Fleur Copin starting her day the right way with yoga, wellness rituals, and a conscious beauty routine featuring the brilliant Lamazuna and NOICE (plus a dash of sartorial Parisian style courtesy of PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING, OLLY, Mud Jeans, and Courbet).

Get ready with Fleur, a Conscious Crazy Horse Dancer

**Cue David Attenborough voice** A conscious creature is a curious thing. Here, we encounter one in its natural habitat as it awakens and completes its morning rituals. Just kidding!! Here's the beautiful Fleur Copin, a dancer at Crazy Horse Paris starting the day the right way with yoga, wellness rituals, and a conscious beauty routine featuring the brilliant Lamazuna and NOICE (plus a dash of sartorial Parisian style courtesy of PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING, OLLY , Mud Jeans, and Courbet).Credits:Director – Cynthia Ortu Cinematographer – César Dumay HouardSet designer – Manon SimMusic Composer – Alain GovernatoriVO – Margaux BillardDancer – Fleur Copin

Posted by Green Is The New Black on Wednesday, 2 September 2020


What makes you wake up in the morning?

My alarm! 

What do you do for a living?

I am a dancer based in Paris, aka Kika Revolver at the Crazy Horse Cabaret. 

Fleur Copin

Fleur Copin wears MUD jeans; a sustainable denim brand based in The Netherlands. It was created with the aim to address the harmful processes within the fashion industry by taking one of the most popular pieces of clothing – a pair of jeans – and making it sustainable. As well as selling jeans, the company also offers consumers the chance to ‘rent’ jeans and return them after a year of use. 

What is your story and how did you end up at Crazy Horse?

I grew up in the Jean-Bouin stadium district of Anjou and I’ve always loved dancing. But I soon got bored of classic techniques and was keen to try something else after high school. So I joined a review of La Flambée, before joining the Clement-Ferrand cabaret. Following that I spent two years in Macao, China to join a modern circus where I discovered the art of sensual and sexy show dancing.

Once I returned to France I appeared in the musical “The Ten Commandments” before taking the plunge and casting for Crazy Horse. My character Kika Revolver was born and I guess the rest is history. During my first show my adrenaline was pumping and the energy from the crowd and my fellow performers was incredible. I was 24 when I joined Crazy Horse, it was intimidating at first to join such an institution but I was quickly made to feel welcome among the 40-strong troop. And now I’m used to doing two shows every evening (three on a Saturday). 

I’m really proud of the show and even my parents have come to see me perform. Our performances are sensual but never vulgar, and most guests quickly see past the nudity and instead can see the beauty in what we’re doing.

French eco-friendly brand Lamazuna is a great one-stop-shop for sustainable beauty products including solid deodorants, reusable razors, solid cosmetics, and more.

What is your favourite dance routine you perform at Crazy Horse?

Well, I am a good girl at heart. Despite our routines being very sensual, they all require a huge amount of flexibility and I have a lot of fun doing all the jetés. (Psssst… I am actually not a good girl *insert evil smiley*.)

How did you hear first about sustainability?

I love clothes and styling myself, but I also know just how polluting the industry can be. I spend a lot of time scrolling on Instagram and while doing so, I started to discover alternative, underground brands that were committed to creating a positive impact on the planet and different communities. And I especially discovered sustainable fashion through second-hand clothing. 

Manufactured ethically in Europe using recycled lace and 100% organic cotton, OLLY lingerie is a stylish and sustainable lingerie brand that we (and Fleur!) love.

What advice would you give to someone starting out on their sustainability journey?

I would say, do you. Try with an area of your life that you particularly like. For me it was fashion, but it could be food, animals, or whatever. Every area of our lives has a footprint and we can find so much educational content online or on Instagram and other social platforms that it is becoming really easy to start with something we love.

Do you have any sustainability initiatives at Crazy Horse that you could share?

I try to implement some myself – I use reusable cotton pads and natural coconut oil as a makeup remover. At Crazy Horse, we use A LOT of makeup so the impact on that front is unfortunately huge.

Picture Organic Clothing sees it as their obligation to help solve the climate crisis. It is wiping out fossil fuels from how it does business, from re-thinking source materials and packaging, to travel and shipping. Not only does it make beautiful clothes, but the business is also an overwhelming force for good.

What do you think about the future of the planet and what role would you like to play?

I think we are experiencing a serious transition phase and nobody really knows where it will bring us. But everyone has a huge role to play including artists and dancers. From implementing sustainability practices within our industry to raising awareness about important issues through different art forms. I really loved representing conscious brands for Green Is The New Black; dancing around with conscious products was a lot of fun!  

NOICE is on a mission to offer a new kind of toothpaste. By reinventing the formula, experience, packaging, and distribution of traditional toothpaste, it’s sustainably transforming how we brush our teeth.

How can artists like you play a role to fight against environmental and social issues such as climate change, plastic in the oceans?

Artists can play a HUGE role in shaping people’s perspectives on stuff. Art is about transcending reality and speaking directly to people’s hearts by moving them and conveying that emotion. Connecting people with their true selves and their hearts is what is needed to go back to the basics of who we are as humans; loving beings!


Fleur Copin wearing luxe sustainable jewellery from Courbet. A brand that champions lab-grown diamonds and recycled traceable gold.

*Crazy Horse Paris will reopen its doors on 1 October 2020, after an enforced break lasting more than six months.

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