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Green Is The New Black

Best Conscious Gifts for your Family!

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Look, we love our family members just as much as you do.

But damn if they can’t be a right pain in the ass right around Christmas time, when you’ve got some major shopping to do! If you’re out of brain cells after having wracked your brain for the 20-something-th year in a row wondering what to get your beautiful family, we hear you. And we’ve got your back. Here’s our guide to the best conscious gifts you can buy for every member of your family.




Culturally centred, ethically handmade homeware and baskets from Africa & organic, fair trade bed sheets.


Because let’s face it- All mums everywhere have a thing for colourful, decorative and functional homeware. And don’t even get me started on the linen cupboard FULL of the “good” bedsheets and decorative towels that nobody is ever allowed to actually use. If you know she’s been hankering after these things anyway, you may as well make the conscious choice to buy them ethically made, make sure they’re also organic and fair trade certified! So she can still have her “fix” from your gift without contributing to the detriment of the earth.


Greenie Genie does amazing, vibrant and stunningly gorgeous ethically handmade homeware. Read more or Shop here.

Sojao does organic, fair trade bed sheets that your mother will be sorely tempted to add to the “nice” pile- but they’re so good she won’t be able to resist using them! Read more or Shop here.





Affordable, natural and toxin-free, healthy candles for indoor use & pure organic moroccan argan oil


Your nan is such a homebody, it only makes sense that your presents help her enjoy what she loves best: Pottering around, relaxing in her own house! Get her some beautiful enamel mug candles that she’ll be thrilled to have a set of, so she can unwind after the stresses of a long life. And you know that your nan doesn’t really trust technology and all the new-fangled products out on the market- she sticks to what she knows is good and works. She’ll be thrilled to re-discover pure organic Moroccan Argan oil, the best of the best oils that’ll help her have healthy, frizz-free hair. Help her to really pamper herself this Christmas (Tho no guarantees that she’s not going to get you a bottle too and keep reminding you to use it afterwards!).


Diadem Candles does amazing hand-poured soywax candles in enamel mugs and recycled bottles. They even sell a DIY Candle kit! Read more or Shop here.

Ayelli exclusively sells their Pure, Organic Moroccan Argan oil- so you know they mean business. Read more or Shop here.




Ridiculously comfortable men’s bamboo shirts & healthier clothes that improve your well-being


Your dad works long and hard hours so you can have a better life- but who’s looking out for his quality of life? Help him get through his days with just a little more comfort (and style!) with the most comfortable and cooling office shirts he’s ever owned- and get him a set of sweats to chill in that he’ll swear he feels ten years younger in. A happy dad is the best kind; so make sure you keep his glass full, too!


Comfee sells stylish, affordable and stupidly comfortable bamboo men’s shirts. Read more or Shop here.

Negative Ion has a range of clothing that’s been engineered to literally physically improve your well-being. Read more or Shop here.




Premium organic latex mattresses and pillows & Natural wellness products such as herbal supplements and essential oils


When was the last time your grandparents got a decent night’s sleep? With all the aches and pains keeping them company in their old age, it’s a miracle they ever get any sleep at all. You know he’s been complaining about his knees and that weird pain in his back forever- so why not gift him some herbal remedies that’ll have him feeling fifty years younger? And after busting their asses keeping your parents alive for the better half of two decades, then helping you out when you came along, the least you can do is keep them comfortable. And give grandpa a reason to er, celebrate having a new bed. 😉 Or even some pillows so they can finally have the adorable old pillow fights they’ve never had the time for! And you know, if they get too excited and happen to break their old bedslats, Heveya® by European Bedding’s got them covered with that, too.


Heveya® by European Bedding is a premium bedding store in Singapore and Hong Kong that specializes in natural organic latex mattresses. They can help you build customized sleeping systems which focus on good back support for all ages, builds, sleeping positions and personal preference. Read more or Shop here.

Your Vitality Store is an online platform that provides natural wellness products such as herbal supplements, essential oils and skin care. Their products support conscious healing by being biocompatible (meaning with no addiction and no side effects) and bioavailable (easy assimilation by the body), and support the natural healing capacity of the body without disturbing the balance of its delicate physiology. Give your granddad the gift of health this Christmas. Read more or Shop here. 




Handcrafted and natural stoles, scarves and shawls & 100% Natural, wildcrafted, organic skincare


Let’s be real- your sister’s getting to the age where she’s got some serious adulting to do. And after having helped raise you up, goodness knows she’s already far older than her years! Help her find her way in the world with some beautifully handcrafted stoles that’ll remind her to be an elegant, classy young lady, and give her the organic skincare she needs to keep looking and feeling beautiful. Additionally, with all the people she’ll be helping and the stories she can tell about her new, beautifully handmade scarves, she’s bound to feel like she’s found her place in the world. She’ll really appreciate it- and the next time she wants to murder you, she’ll think twice before killing off the sibling who buys her gifts as fabulous as the ones you do.


La Tierra is a fair trade and conscious brand whose scarves, stoles and shawls are handcrafted by women and self-help groups in India and Singapore. These skilled people not only independently earn a living but also help to keep the dying art and crafts alive. Read more or Shop here.

Vega Organics 100% natural, wildcrafted, organic skincare. Free from synthetic and toxic ingredients, palm oil, cheap fillers and false claims. You’ll get nothing but the truth when you shop here. Read more or Shop Here.


Kookii B



Boutique bohemian-style jewellery that’s effortlessly chic & customisable, eco-friendly shoes


Your little sister was born a magpie, and you know it. She LOVES shiny little trinkets, and finds so much meaning in them that you can’t help but indulge her. Not only does she cherish the glittery stuff- she’s also got a sense of style nobody quite understands, yet she manages to pull it all off so well that you’ve gotta admit you’re kinda jealous. Help her be the unique, sparkly yet fashionably chic creature she so yearns to be this Christmas with custom shoes and the sparkliest ethically made jewellery that money can buy.


Kookii B is our go-to for boutique jewellery that encapsulates the feminine, effortless-chic and Bohemian luxe style of island living. Shop here. 

Stand is a Singapore brand that customizes shoes with purposeful personalized inscriptions to represent and actualize what you stand for. Read more or Shop here.




Quality, eco-friendly handmade bags and accessories.


He’s your bro, man. He’s always been there when you needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to bunk off class or work with, or someone to help you get through that nasty breakup. He’s the first one you call no matter what happens, and you know he’s always got your back. But his street cred is super important to him, so you can’t always be as sappy and grateful in public as you’d like to be. For the one who deserves the world (and who the world definitely does not deserve), get him the best in bold and edgy eco-friendly bags and bracelets so he can still rock his tough-guy persona while sharing his golden heart with the world.


Purnama creates rare and unique lifestyle-products that are bold and edgy for the new, urban human being. Locally produced, eco-friendly and socially conscious- dress to kill without killing the earth. Read more or Shop here.




Organic small-batch skincare & natural personal care products.


Brothers are simultaneously the best and worst siblings ever. They’re great for fighting off your enemies and for the years they spent training you to fight your own battles (for reign over the TV remote), but by god, do they literally stink sometimes. We think your relationship with your brother would greatly benefit from a good dose of all the great-smelling things he thinks are “too girly” to buy for himself. Help him be his best self, (and help him find a girl/boyfriend) with a nice little hamper of organic skincare products (for his dry AF skin) and a liquid shampoo that’ll help him be less conscious of his hereditary bald spot.


FrankSkincare got frank about skincare and launched a line of organic and natural products so that your skin can look and feel good naturally. Their entire range is made from 100% organic ingredients, carefully sourced from around the world, and packed with genuine benefits- their packaging is recycled and recyclable too! It’s also made in small batches to control the quality and reduce waste. Read more or Shop here.

Biconi (Men) seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of people by offering skin and hair care products that are not only effective but also safe for the whole family as well as the planet. They’re also vegetarian and vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and Mother Nature approved. Read more or Shop here.


Little Islanders



Safe & environmentally friendly paints + art kits, ethical and sustainable contemporary children’s clothing, safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly baby products, and modern, ethical and sustainable baby & children’s wear.


Because Christmas isn’t quite Christmas without hearing the delighted screams of children at 6 AM on the 25th, shouting “SANTA CAME!” (and “WAKE UP!”). But this year, change the status quo a little bit and turn those internal moans and groans from those kiddos’ parents into actually excited, grateful grins with practical, conscious gifts instead. Rather than gifting them plastic rubbish they’ll get bored of and break in about 45 seconds, gift them environmentally friendly paints and wall decorations that’ll help them bring their imaginations to life, building blocks made of cork and some incredibly sustainable and stylish clothing that’ll make them the kings/queens of the playground. And if you know someone who’s expecting a wee little one- take some of the pressure off of trying to kit out an entire nursery from scratch by getting them some eco-friendly, non-toxic baby products such as pacifiers and playmats, and thrill their parents with the cutest sustainable baby clothes they’ve ever seen. The mini-mes and their giant counterparts will be charmed. We promise.


Hunter + Boo produces sustainable, ethical, affordable and totally cute and amazing children’s wear. They’re a brand of action and have built the business on a set of firm ethical foundations, and are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified (for using purely raw, organic materials) and OEKO Tex 100 certified (for using environmentally safe, eco-friendly, low impact dyes). Read more or Shop here.

Pur’itsi carries awesome alternatives to plastics, such as award-winning bottles & kids’ foodware made of glass, silicone, stainless steel & ceramic. They also have great discoveries such as cork building blocks & the best eco-disposable diaper ever! Read more or Shop here.

513 Paints is a boutique paint shop that’s all about bringing unique and brilliant colours to people safe & environmentally friendly paints for home interiors. They source environmentally friendly products from around the world which are beautifully crafted by artisans who share the same values with them. Read more or Shop here.

Little Islanders is an ethical clothing label for kids. They make thoughtfully designed, contemporary everyday luxe kidswear with an urban-island aesthetic, using sustainably sourced artisanal hand-loomed fabric from the Philippines. They make good quality, durable pieces that can be worn in all seasons, which can take kids from the playground to dinner, and which can become heirloom pieces that can be handed down in time to come, while also supporting the artisans and weaving communities engaged in hand-looming work in the Philippines. Read more or Shop here.


That’s enough of how you can make a difference with your gifts to your family members- have you checked out all the little ways to have a greener Christmas this year yet? You’ve definitely gotta check out our selection of Conscious Gifts under $50, or how you can have a Zero Waste Christmasa Vegan ChristmasZero waste swaps for eco-friendlier presents, How to dress both fashionably AND sustainably this holiday season or even a how you can have a Conversation about Climate Change and give Sustainable Corporate Gifts. We even have tips on Conscious Crafting! Also, do you know which GREEN SPICE you are yet? Or where you’ll be having a plant-based Christmas dinner this year?

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