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Crystal Clear Protect The Planet

Eco-friendly, vegan cosmetics that last for life


Lamazuna is a French eco-friendly, vegan cosmetics brand offering products that are designed to last a lifetime, from reusable face wipes to a bamboo Q-tips. A few years after launching, Lamazuna also started a sustainable, zero-waste clothing brand called Lamazuna Mode. The brand is a proponent of everything planet-friendly, from using cruelty-free, organic ingredients to giving back to the Earth through various initiatives.


Lamazuna’s mission is to offer ‘eco-affordable’ products that not only look after the planet and people’s health, but also save money in the long run by being either reusable or proven to last longer than traditional products on the market. The company hopes to inspire and educate others through innovative, eco-friendly alternatives to everyday essentials.


Lamazuna’s products are earth-friendly in almost every possible way: vegan, organic, long-lasting, cruelty-free, safe, zero-waste. The brand only uses naturally derived ingredients from minerals and certified organic plants. Lamazuna also avoids plastic, offering their products in solid bars or in recyclable/biodegradable packaging (the latter of which is decorated using vegetable inks). The company ensures that any products that aren’t compostable, such as cleansing wipes, can be fully recycled through its partnership with TerraCycle. Customers simply send the used items back to Lamazuna, who ensure they are recycled properly.

The brand is based in France and attempts to only work with local suppliers where possible. It also donates 2% of sales to planting trees in Amazonia and has spearheaded tree-planting projects in France.


PROTECT THE PLANET: Lamazuna’s products are zero-waste, vegan, organic, natural, cruelty-free, and sustainable. The business itself gives back to the planet via recycling and tree-planting programmes.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: Via its website, the brand updates its zero-waste figures every three months, explains how the TerraCycle scheme works, and lists the ingredients and environmental impact of every product.


Laëtitia Van de Walle founded Lamazuna in 2010 after feeling fed up of using endless disposable products in order to achieve one goal (cleansing). In a bid to do her bit for the environment and simplify her regimen, she started using a reusable microfibre wipe instead. Her friends became interested in the idea and so Laëtitia launched the brand. By word-of-mouth and coverage by beauty bloggers, Lamazuna took off and was able to expand its range.