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Protect The Planet

Sustainable clothing made from recycled jeans


INFINITDENIM is a Spanish sustainable clothing and lifestyle brand under the environmental and social company Back To Eco. INFINITDENIM is also the name of the eco-fabric the brand created for its garments, which are produced in Catalonia. The brand is passionate about encouraging a circular economy so it works with post-consumer denim and recycled cotton, and offers repair, reuse, and recycle workshops. As well as jeans, INFINITDENIM offers tops, dresses, sweaters, trousers, and accessories such as bags, laptop cases, and aprons.


INFINITDENIM’s vision is to ‘go back to the eco’ of earlier times, when the lifecycle of items was extended by repairing, reconverting, and reusing. Through its work, the brand supports, offers, and demands ethical and sustainable fashion at a local level. INFINITDENIM’s future goals include recycling 33,000 tons more post-consumer denim, as well as developing a knit fabric using recycled denim.


To date, INFINITDENIM has handled over twenty tons of post-consumer denim, either upcycling it or reinserting it into the supply chain through recycling. Every part of the company’s work is eco-conscious, from making patterns that maximise the use of the fabric, to creating recycled products that are ergonomic, adaptable, and attractive. The INFINITDENIM fabric is made up of post-consumer denim, recycled pre-consumer cotton, and cellulose from sustainably cultivated forests. The brand also avoids chemical compounds and materials containing polyester and other fossil fuels as much as possible.

All of INFINITDENIM’s products are registered in the REACH programme, which means that the dyeing and washing processes are sustainable, consuming low amounts of energy and water. Each item is made in the Back To Eco workshop and is welcomed back when it’s at the end of its life span so it can be recycled and eventually re-enter the fashion economy.

The brand purchases materials from local companies in a close radius to ensure low carbon emissions, and also uses recycled and recyclable plastic packaging.


PROTECT THE PLANET: INFINITDENIM’s products are recycled and organic, and the brand has minimal carbon emissions and water waste. The company is active in promoting recycling, reusing, and repairing through its clothing collection and through its workshops.


INFINITDENIM began in 2016 as Back To Eco, created by biologist Montse Bayen and environmentalist Núria Nubiola. Their aim was to upcycle ‘waste’ materials into new products. It started with denim as Montse’s mother gave her a bag made from an old pair of jeans and the business owners realised recycled denim worked well as a material in its own right. They proceeded to make their own bags, and in December 2017, INFINITDENIM opened as a shop-workshop in Barcelona, hiring employees who were in socially vulnerable situations, creating and selling new wares, and holding clothing workshops.