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Cahana Jewelry

Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being

Conscious handmade jewellery with a focus on inner wellbeing.


Cahana is a sustainable jewellery brand founded by Danish designer Rikke Brogaard. The brand creates an array of timeless, thoughtful silver and gold-plated pieces that often feature natural gemstones. Their signature pieces are their lockets, which are sold with handmade paper scrolls. Cahana encourages customers to write a personal affirmation, wish, or goal on the scroll and then place it inside the locket. Through the pieces they create and their collaborators, Cahana also promotes and supports women’s empowerment. Cahana is based in Monaco and currently distributes to Canada, the U.S., and other parts of Europe.


Cahana’s mission is to support and empower women through all of life’s changes and challenges. They do this not only through their jewellery – much of which is inspired by emotional wellness – but also through working with other bold women who are striving to make a difference. The brand’s vision is to spread the power of affirmations through sustainable and social responsible business.


Cahana pieces are handmade instead of mass-produced, and they only work with natural gemstones, silver, and gold. Currently, around 30 percent of their jewellery is made from recycled materials, but they are working towards using 100 percent recycled materials. Their production process is partially environmentally friendly; they are continually learning and moving towards total sustainable production practices. Their packaging is 100 per cent sustainable and the filling is organic.

The brand also cares about the people they work with. Their jewellery is produced under fair conditions at a family-owned factory in Jaipur, India, and every staff member gets paid properly for their work. They also only work with companies that share their social and environmental values.


PROTECT THE PLANET: Cahana uses recycled and natural materials to create its jewellery, offers sustainable and organic packaging, and employs zero waste and carbon neutral practices.

WELL FOR YOUR BEING: Cahana’s jewellery promotes and supports inner wellness and emotional wellbeing.



Following a career in finance and market research, Rikke Brogaard Bjerg decided to fulfil her childhood dream of being a designer. In 2006, she co-founded the successful eyewear brand Entourage of 7, and six years later, she came up with the idea of Cahana. She sold her shares in the eyewear business and devoted herself to offering conscious jewellery to the world through Cahana.