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Protect The Planet

SelfWear; a collection of women’s sleepwear and loungewear that prioritises wellness, self-sustainability and planet sustainability – inspiring women to discover the best version of themselves in body, mind and soul


SoL is a sustainable sleep- and lounge-wear brand founded on three pillars: sleep well, be well, and live well. The brand coined the term SelfWear to reflect the dual purpose of people-care and planet-care behind its homewear collection. Pieces are designed to be worn both while lounging around the house and while sleeping.


SoL’s mission is to offer sustainable, circular loungewear that encourages good sleep health while also looking after the planet. Their vision is to reprioritise self-care and wellness by bringing comfortable, functional sleepwear and loungewear to the forefront of women’s wardrobes.


SoL uses ECOVERO™, a sustainable viscose that combines the feel of silk and cotton without the environmental cost. Ecovero is water-efficient, compostable and biodegradable, reuses nearly all chemicals during the production process, and is produced in a chlorine-free pulp-bleaching process.

SoL also works with Canopy, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to protecting forests, wildlife, and climate by collaborating with companies to create innovative solutions. With Canopy’s help, SoL is committed to developing a reduction and reuse strategy, minimising their use of paper and corrugated cardboard, and researching new circular economy innovations.

SoL also supports local Hong Kong charity ImpactHK. Through providing homes and jobs, ImpactHK is tackling the problem of homelessness and has evolved into a powerful humanitarian movement making a positive impact on the plight of the homeless in Hong Kong. SoL aims to extend the power of self-care to people-care and join in the aid of giving the local community a home.


PROTECT THE PLANET: SoL uses natural, eco-friendly materials that avoid chemicals, water waste, and landfill waste. It also designs its pieces to be worn in a variety of combinations, encouraging circulation in the fashion industry.


While working as a buyer and merchandiser in the fashion industry, Lois Tien noticed that supply often outweighed demand. This, coupled with a realisation that she was accumulating a lot of new clothes to wear out but never thought about the clothes she wore for most of each day at home, led to her pursuit of self-care and planet-care in the form of comfortable homewear. She started the brand this year, and recently launched SoL’s first successful Kickstarter campaign.