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August Society

Power To The People Protect The Planet


Sustainable swimwear brand ethically made out of recycled plastic waste.



August Society is a Singapore-based sustainable swimwear brand for strong, active, globe-trotting women. Their swimsuits are ethically produced in Bali from top-quality recycled fabrics and XtraLife Lycra®. They also feature timeless styles, mix and match, reversible and multi-wear flexibility. Most importantly, they are built to last so that you can pack less and experience more.



August Society aims to become the antithesis of fast fashion. It ensures its products are ethically made to last with sustainable materials. So, they can be worn in multiple ways.



While encouraging customers to choose more sustainable materials, the brand also strives to reduce clothing consumption and waste.



PROTECT THE PLANET: Made from nylon that uses regenerated plastic waste as its raw material, Econyl. For every 10 tons of Econyl they use, they save 70 barrels of oil and avoid 57 tons of CO2 emissions. As they digitally print their designs, they reduce the amount of ink used and dye released into the waterways. It also decreases the amount of fabric wasted. Moreover, the styles are timeless and made out of XtraLife Lycra®, so they last for years. The pieces are multi-use, reversible and mix and match. Hence, you can use them for swimming, exercise and sightseeing – which reduces the amount of clothing you need to buy. The goal is for customers to buy and throw away less.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: The latest collection is ethically made in a factory in Bali, Indonesia. It pays its workers well over twice the legal minimum. Most team members have been there for over ten years. Additionally, all employees and their families are fully covered under company medical insurance.