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August 2017

Partnership is the new success For her passion and commitment to a sustainable future through innovation, communication and partnerships. A sustainability professional with a passion for engaging the private sector to the development work through profitable, sustainable business models and multi stakeholder

People are the new Profit For opening Singapore's first socially-conscious salon, training and employing local underprivileged women, while using people and planet friendly products. A self-taught serial entrepreneur who started her first business at 22 and won her first major entrepreneurship award

Pre-loved is the new new For changing behaviours and making pre-loved clothing desirable while reducing waste and the carbon footprint of the items. Stephanie has always been passionate about vintage and unique designer pieces. Her company, StyleTribute.com was born out of her

Wholesome is the new Snack For her work creating wholesome and healthy snacks while advocating for the positive body image movement. Robin believes the best learning occurs outside of one’s comfort zone, one should never be afraid of pushing boundaries. She’s excitable,