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REFILL OPTION: Soap-Free Anti-Tick Conditioning Pet Shampoo 500 ml – HAPPY EARTH FARM


Soap-Free Anti-Tick Conditioning Pet Shampoo contains nothing but fruits and herbs grown at our organic farm. Sulfate-free. Chemical-free. Preservatives-free. 100% Safe for all your little friend’s needs.

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<font-family: “Montserrat”>Follow the traditional recipe to clean and get rid of flea, tick, or lice for your little friends with our Soap-Free Pet Shampoo.
Now Available: Refill in a clean but used 500 ml bottle.

This Soap-Free Pet Shampoo helps all kinds of skin issues and parasitic bugs whether it be lice, ticks, or flea. Meanwhile, it also provides an additional protective layer for healthy hair and skin for your favorite friends. Consisting of pure fruits, herbs, and leaf from our organic farm, it can gently clean the skin, get rid of parasites living in furs, and condition the hair.

Ingredients: Water, Kaffir Lime, Neem Leaf, Soap Tree (Litsea Glutinosa) Leaf, Dainty Spur (Rhinacanthus Nasutus) Leaf, Custard Apple (Annona squamosa) Leaf and nothing else.

SG Shipping Only until July due to Covid-19

International Shipping will resume in July, meanwhile please contact info@happyearthfarm.org for your order