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Green Is The New Black

Chatting Sustainability and Wellness with Yoga Goddess ChauKei Ngai

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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Chaukei Ngai

We visited yoga goddess ChauKei Ngai in her Hong Kong studio to find out about her take on the climate crisis and her hopes for the future.

ChauKei Ngai is a superwoman. The Hong Konger is a yoga teacher, a mother (the first to become World Yoga Champion!), an International Yoga Sports Federation Champion, a Certified Holistic Health Counsellor, and a spokeswoman for Adidas. Oh, and a TedX speaker. ChauKei was born two months early and struggled to breathe throughout her childhood – then she found yoga. It not only provided physical relief; it also shaped her life. Through her practice and teaching, she hopes to help her students radiate truth, reclaim gentleness, and accept every emotion that arises, from fear to self-criticism. After attaining a psychology degree in the UK and studying Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga Therapy, among other yoga practices, she opened her studio, YogaUP in Hong Kong’s Discovery Bay.

Here is what Chaukei has to say about sustainability and wellbeing.

Sustainability, to me, means…

…spending quality time with the world around us. We have to get to know it, so we’re not taking and consuming more than we need. I first started thinking about sustainability when I saw my mom taking the time to recycle and reuse, that planted a seed within me. In 2008 the magical mountains of Boulder, Colorado called to me and I found myself surrounded by people who were working tirelessly for the environment. I couldn’t help being influenced by their dedication. 


ChauKei Ngai - Sol

ChauKei wears SoL Self-Wear™: a collection of women’s sleepwear and loungewear that prioritises wellness, self-sustainability, and planet sustainability – inspiring women to discover the best version of themselves in body, mind and soul. They want to remind us all to be, sleep and live well by bringing awareness back to self-care in a responsible way. 

My hopes for the future are…

for our kids to see us working alongside the Earth, and for us to continue expanding our creativity and fighting for the human right to breathe fresh air.


ChauKei Ngai - charlie banana

Charlie Banana: an eco-conscious brand that offers stylish reusable diapers, training and swim pants, and feminine pads. The company strives to avoid single-use plastics in its products and packaging, to create safe, Carbon Neutral Certified products for babies, mothers, and women in general, that also honour the planet.

Since becoming more aware of the climate crisis, I have…

…focused on building relationships with my local community, so I can get what I need within a close distance and support local. I’ve also stopped using plastic and started recycling my potato chip bags as trash bags (I’m glad my junk food cravings can be part of the process!). As meat consumption has a huge impact on climate change, I’ve also cut it out of my diet. 


ChauKei Ngai - European Bedding

ChauKei sleeps on Okooko‘s organic mattress, pillows and bamboo sheets. Okooko is a premium bedding store that specialises in organic latex mattresses and natural bedding products. Not only do they create a healthy sleeping environment good for you, but they are also sourced from sustainable materials good for the earth.

One documentary that affected how I think about climate change is…

Racing Extinction. The message is so vital. I met the director Louie as he was making the movie before its release in 2015. Listening to all of the challenges the planet was facing brought me closer to the reality of the situation. 

Chaukei Ngai Flo Jewllery

ChauKei wears Flo Jewellery: a fine jewellery brand offering symbolic pieces that empower, inspire, and bring positive energy. The company works with ethical, family-run businesses assuring quality, fair, and sustainable production. Proceeds from The Impact Collection go to help underprivileged women and children in Hong Kong and other countries in Asia.

My sustainability hero is…

…there are too many to count! So many people are working tirelessly both in the background and the foreground.


Heavens Please: a premium CBD (Cannabidiol) lifestyle brand featuring clean and natural products that promote holistic wellness. It offers carefully vetted, safe CBD and natural products to help customers find balance. Explore the healing power of plants and the many benefits of CBD and a hemp lifestyle for your self-care. 

If I could change one thing about the world immediately, I would…

…put a default ‘kindness’ button in everyone’s mind.


Follow and connect with ChauKei Ngai here.


Photography by Alex Macro

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Sarah is a British-Chinese journalist. She has been writing for magazines, newspapers, and websites for the last nine years, first in London and as of 2016, in Hong Kong. As well as working in journalism, Sarah also runs her own editing business, proofreading for academics, small businesses, and NGOs. An avid fan of the planet, she’s eager to champion brands doing their bit and be a part of the bigger conservation conversation. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, consuming very British quantities of tea and (vegan) biscuits, and befriending the local dogs on the small island she calls home.