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Green Is The New Black

What Organic Really Means and Why You Should Care

Reading Time: 3 minutes
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By now you’ve heard all the hype around using organic products and eating organic foods, but are you aware of why exactly it’s so important?


Don’t feel embarrassed if you have no idea what organic means, that’s what articles like this are for; to help you learn something new so you can share with your friends and family, and help everyone live a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle!

Keep reading to find out what organic actually means, as well as some very important benefits of going this all-natural route. 


What does organic mean?

Whether it’s organic skin care products or foods, organic simply means that the ingredients in your products, and the food you heap onto your plate every day, has been grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and so on. It means that you are receiving a product or food in its natural state, there are no chemicals in sight. 


Now let’s look at some of the benefits of organic products and food.


Safer for your health

Naturally, it would make sense that using an organic product or eating an organic fruit or veggie would be better for your health, but are you aware of just how much better? Going organic drastically reduces your exposure to chemicals that have been linked to anything from mild rashes to hormonal disruptions, and even an increased risk of cancer. This alone is enough for us to make the switch to an organic lifestyle right this minute. Oh wait, we already did

Organic can sometimes come with a premium price tag, especially for food. So if you are looking at an easy way to navigate through at the fruit & veg section, try getting organic for the dirty dozen (produce that have the highest amount pesticide residue) and non-organic for the clean fifteen (produce that normally has a protective layer and is not sprayed as often).


Better for the environment

Non-organic farming has many negative impacts on the environment from contributing to global warming to polluting major water supplies, which in turn affects surrounding wildlife. If you care about this precious earth and want to do your part towards creating a cleaner, greener environment, then going organic is a major step in the right direction. 

Soil is one of the most underrated resources on the planet. Apparently, we only have 60 harvests left, and no soil means no food. We have to stop treating soil like it’s only dirt if we want to survive. As the United Nation Food and Agricultural Organisation said: “Only a fertile soil can produce healthy crops and only with healthy crops can we have healthy animals and people.” If we feed the soil, it will feed the plants which feed us. If we kill the soil (with chemicals, pesticides and all other sorts of nasties), well you get the point.


Kinder to animals

Often when a product is consciously produced without chemicals, with respect to not only this beautiful earth but the health of the consumer too, these products are usually produced without harming any furry critters either. 

A great example is organic skin care. Small batch, organic products usually believe in 3 things: your health, the health of the earth and all living things so you can bet they’re not tested on animals. Always be sure to check for the cruelty-free label and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you aren’t sure. If a company has nothing to hide they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


We hope this article has made things a little clearer for you and encouraged you to come over to the good side! And if you liked this, check out our list of all natural and organic beauty brands in Asia or understanding organic wines

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Diane Elizabeth is a beauty expert and founder of Skin Care Ox: a skin care blog focusing on publishing accurate, beautiful, and informative skin care research and content. Diane’s skin care advice has been featured in many top publications such as HuffPost, Glamour, Reader's Digest, and Yahoo!