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Green Is The New Black

How These 3 Wellness Entrepreneurs in Singapore Rebuilt From Rockbottom

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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Does a low point define you or give you the strength to change? There is a common thread among these three leading wellness entrepreneurs – when life threw curve balls at them, they rebuilt themselves. And are now using their knowledge to support other people’s journeys to finding their best lives. Ringing true that health is a journey and not a destination.

We joined Welltodo for their Founder Series in Singapore to learn more about how these Founders turned their personal setbacks into their businesses competitive edge.

Everyone has highs and lows, but it what you do when you reach those low points that matter. We hope you enjoy these real stories from these wellness entrepreneurs and are inspired to keep going!

Being alive vs truly living

Every time I wake up to know that PurelyB changes lives, that keeps me going even more. When you feel excitement and passion every day from working towards your goals and future – that is really living. –  Jesrina Arshad

Jesrina Arshad, the Co-founder and CEO of PurelyB.com, is a passionate advocate for healthy living and is committed to contributing towards positive lifestyle change in Asia. Seven years ago she discovered that she had allergies to gluten, dairy, and eggs. At this time, she thought it was impossible to change her diet and her lifestyle, so she learned to accept all the health issues she was facing. But then she discovered that healthy food didn’t have to be boring, it was accessible and could taste good too. This sparked her healthy lifestyle journey. She cut out all the items she was allergic too, ate clean, unprocessed foods and worked out more regularly, and naturally, her health and well-being drastically improved.

Now she’s on a mission to make it easy for anyone to lead a healthy lifestyle, she started PurelyB as Asia’s first content-integrated health and wellness marketplace. Jesrina is living proof that healthy living can easily be part of your day-to-day and you don’t have to give up what you love to enjoy the power of a balanced, natural lifestyle.

Light your fire and become the person you want to be 

I knocked the guy out, got my hand raised in victory, and that was it. That lit the fire. – Brad Robinson

Brad Robinson has quite the backstory. When he moved to Singapore in 2007, Brad was a 150kg diabetic in custom-made pants in size 54. Today, he’s an 84kg fitness coach, a professional athlete, and owner of award-winning Ritual Gym, a 30 min high-quality and effective workout, specially designed for busy people.

Brad’s journey was sparked by two key life events. Ten years ago, as the managing director of CCTV and security firm Empire Automation, he was trying to get into the operating room to see his newborn son, but in April 2018 he weighed somewhere in the region of 150kgs, there were no scrubs in his size. Fast forward two years later to his first boxing match, he awakened the sleeping giant within and ignited his determination to compete professionally. He shared “I haven’t felt the glory of working your ass off at something physically taxing and winning in many years.” He now advocates that learning health and fitness should be as important as math in school.

Small changes can make a massive impact

You know this fundamental shift, I couldn’t believe nobody had told me this before. It seemed so basic at the time. But it really motivated me to tell people that I was working with, and those who were close to me. – Elika Mather 

Elika Mather is a health coach working with individuals & companies. Through coaching and consulting, she provides the truth about nutrition enabling healthier lifestyles. She is the owner of Kitchen by Food Rebel, whose mission is to improve customers health through awareness, education and healthy food that tastes simply delicious. She also runs educational workshops and cooking classes at the restaurant and is a certified Raw Food Chef.

Having worked in the corporate world in HR consultancy for 10 years, working eighty hour weeks, in a fast-paced, very demanding environment – Elika was eating food that was easy but not serving her. The inevitable hit and she burnt out with her doctor diagnosing her with adrenal fatigue, liver damage, hormonal imbalance, and insomnia. Ouch! After hitting this rock bottom, she took a close look at her life piece by piece, including everything she was putting in her body. When she changed what she was eating, she started feeling stronger and well again. Today she teaches busy professionals to help them to avoid the same fate and live balanced lives.

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Overcoming your upper limits 

Are you focusing on obstacles or opportunities? – Lauren Armes 

Lauren Armes is an entrepreneur, success coach and the founder of global wellness platform Welltodo. When she moved from to Australia to London she realized she wanted to do work that was meaningful with high impact. Welltodo started as a way for her to explore the passion she had for the wellness industry and has evolved into the leading global wellness news platform.

Today she supports entrepreneurs’ journey, insisting on the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and self-confidence. As she saw it, “we can either live in victim-mode or we can take situations into our own hands. We are products of our emotions, our thoughts, our habits, and our actions”. When your emotions spiral into the negative, this it the moment when you can sabotage your own success. This negative language is called the upper limits and includes words like I can’t, I don’t have, it’s not possible. Don’t limit yourself and remember that you have something unique to offer, you have a vision, you are an expert in your industry and you can do it.

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