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Green Is The New Black

Waste Free and Sexy. ‘Nuff said.

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Are we feeling the effects of global warming or is it getting really hot in here? NO!W No Waste is changing the narrative of going zero waste by venturing into unchartered territories with this head-turning, heart-thumping campaign.

Going zero waste hasn’t always had a good rep, especially with the generation who’ve grown up in a culture of convenience. Though we are a generation of more conscious people, to make the transition to zero waste isn’t always the easiest.


“Hey gorgeous, can I buy you a drink with my reusable mug?” That’s one pick-up line that’s sure to work on us.


But going plastic free and low waste isn’t geeky, boring or extreme. Small changes make a difference and it’s more convenient than you think. NO!W No Waste’s latest campaign hopes that the campaign will show that waste free is cool, hip and sexy.


With effortless poses, amazing photography and editing, those reusable products look so fine. Buying zero waste goodies often equates to receiving literally green marketing materials, the kind of green that explicitly screams “I’m eco-friendly!”. But this black-and-white campaign proves that using reusables can be so effortless and chic, it just makes you think “I want to look that good using a collapsible bottle by the beachfront”.


Fanny MORITZ, founder of NO!W No Waste

Fanny Moritz, founder of NO!W No Waste


How did this idea begin? Fanny Moritz, founder of NO!W No Waste shares that “I wanted to make just another photo-shoot to showcase our reusable products but with a summer theme. When I spoke about this with my friends, we had this idea to showcase the products with male and sexy models which will show the products in a different way.” In this manner, she hoped that it’d be more fun and less boring – in an exaggerated way. Plus, when she spoke with Olivier, the photographer, he totally got the idea and wanted to work on the project right away.

Kit bamboo toothbrush + bamboo case from NO!W No Waste


If you followed the campaign on their Facebook page, you’d see that this was a 7-day campaign, showcasing a male model using one reusable product a day. When asked about her favourite reusable product, Fanny chose her bamboo toothbrush. Why? Simple, “Because it’s so simple to make the switch! And I love this quote ‘It’s only one straw, said 8 billion people’. Well, it’s the same for the toothbrush and other disposable product we use often. I believe most people don’t realise the impact they have on the environment.”.


zero waste plastic free now no waste


With so much energy and smiles all around, this photoshoot must’ve been a lot of fun. Fanny’s favourite moment during the shoot was when “we were ready to shoot the stainless steel straws on the beach and we asked for the cocktails at the restaurant. We asked them to serve without any straws. The first two cocktails came with paper straws because they forgot our request. And then they were saying ‘it’s paper, it’s good for the planet, we don’t use plastic anymore’. So I explained to them that it’s better to use reusable straws or no straws at all. What I love the most here is that when you bring your own container or product, it brings the discussion.”


Truly a sight for sore eyes. What is? The reusables of course, what did you think I meant? Join their movement and make the switch to a sexy lifestyle with zero-waste products. #WasteFreeAndSexy .


Photo was taken from NO!W No Waste’s Facebook Page, which was part of their ‘Zero Waste is Sexy’ campaign

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