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Green Is The New Black

Is Old The New ‘New’? A Conscious Capsule Wardrobe With Vestiaire Collective

Reading Time: 7 minutes
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A stylish wardrobe needn’t cost the earth. And with Vestiaire Collective, it’s easy to create a pre-loved, killer conscious capsule wardrobe that will see you through the seasons and never go out of fashion.

As a consumer, you may think fast-fashion saves you cold hard cash. While it’s true that individual items are cheap, calculate the cost of your entire wardrobe, and you’ll soon realise it doesn’t quite add up. Because if you’ve got a closet bursting at the seams with items you’ve only worn once, it’s not such great value after all. Cost aside, the environmental impact of the industry is alarming. According to The World Economic Forum, the fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply. Not to mention the individuals at the bottom of the fashion food chain who are paid a pittance to churn out clothes in dangerous conditions. But guess what people? It doesn’t need to be this way.

Less is more. Fact.

Word on the street is that anywhere from 50 – 80% of your wardrobe hasn’t seen the light of day for 12 months. And even with so many clothes, we bet you still suffer from the perennial “I have nothing to wear” problem. We hear you. Which is why transitioning to a conscious capsule wardrobe not only makes sustainable sense, it will also prevent you from getting stuck in the rut that sees you reaching for a fast-fashion fix.

A capsule wardrobe? Say what?

Put simply; a capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of functional items that can be easily interchanged to create multiple looks for any occasion. Comprising style staples that are made to last, you’ll always have something to wear, and you won’t feel the urge to splurge on passing faddy trends. Minimal items; maximum options. Once you make the switch, you’ll never look back. 

Wait. Does that mean I need to buy more new clothes?

No! It’s time to reframe our relationship with fashion: old is the new ‘new’. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this year’s London Fashion Week. It saw a pop-up swap-shop make an inaugural appearance for fashionistas to switch old pieces. An increasing amount of designers used sustainable materials and upcycled fabric samples in their collections. And since when did the thrill of finding a vintage classic in a thrift store ever really go away?

If you’re thinking of creating a capsule wardrobe, switch your mindset to out with the new and in with the old. And to help make things a little bit easier, say hello to Vestiaire Collective; the leading online marketplace to buy and sell authenticate pre-owned luxury fashion. Remember all of those unworn clothes stuffed in your wardrobe? Dust them off, sell them on and set them free on their second life in someone else’s closet. Then use the money to invest in timeless classics from your favourite designers on Vestiaire Collective. You’ll find pre-loved pieces from the likes of Chanel, Valentino, Celine, and more (we could go on, it’s a treasure trove).

Need inspiration? You got it.

We recently caught up with Yumika Hoskin, Narelle Kheng, and Hanli Hoefer and gave them a challenge: shop Vestiaire Collective to create a killer conscious capsule wardrobe. Here are their style files.

Yumika Hoskin

Yumika Hoskin in Vestiaire Collective

Left: Prada hat, $121 / Centre: Dries Van Noten coat, $618 / Right: Loewe wallet, $360. Longchamp bag, $91

“When I started out on my sustainability journey, the thing that kept coming up was the fashion industry and how much of a polluter it is. Ever since I was a kid, my Mum would always dress me up in hand-me-downs. In the beginning, I wasn’t that into the second-hand thing until it started becoming very cool. But now I love shopping pre-owned online and searching for vintage stores whenever I travel. I’d guess that at least 50% of my wardrobe is pre-owned now. When I first started thinking about building a capsule wardrobe, I immediately thought of investing in a great outerwear jacket, accessories, and anything in a classic shape that’s easy to style. I put a lot of thought into what I buy, which means I have no reason to get rid of them in future.

I am a big advocate for finding treasures among pre-loved clothes, but it can be really hard to find designer pieces in second-hand stores. Yet Vestiaire Collective had so many designer items at reasonable prices; I was impressed. And piecing these higher-end items with pieces in my existing wardrobe was so much fun.

I am so into bucket hats right now, that when I saw this I had to have it. For my first look (left), I wanted to achieve a cool, laid-back aesthetic so I kept my bottom half white to match the hat and injected a strong colour with this plain orange T-shirt up top. For my second look (centre) I really wanted to show off this beautiful Dries Van Noten coat. It’s not subtle (!), but teaming it with these plainer items pulls it back a little and lets the bold print stand out without being too extra. For my final outfit (left), I really love the athletic chic look and I wanted to emphasise the Longchamp bag as a statement piece. I love its neutral tone which is complemented by the colour pop of the Loewe wallet.”

Narelle Kheng

Narelle Kheng in Vestiaire Collective

Left: Gucci biker jacket, $723.07 / Centre: Louis Vuitton silk trousers, $377.28 / Right: Louis Vuitton boots, $830.01.

“I loved searching Vestiaire Collective to find these pieces. I thought I’d be able to view everything on the website before I made my final decision, but there was just so much to choose from. The options were endless. After two days I stopped scrolling and started a process of elimination to select my favourite items. It was actually really fun!

I love that with pre-owned fashion every piece has a story to tell, and it’s amazing to be able to dig back into the archives of a brand and find pieces that are no longer in production. Aside from the pieces I’ve selected, essential items in any capsule wardrobe should include a really good white shirt, an oversized T, a good jacket, and a well-fitting pair of jeans.

To me, anything grungy or punky is what I gravitate to. So the jacket in my first look (left) caught my eye immediately when browsing. I also love how a leather jacket can pretty much go with anything. They are so versatile which makes them a great investment. For my second look (centre), I just love the crazy cat print on these trousers and I thought they looked comfortable! But I didn’t want the overall look to be too loungey. I did try it with a baggy top, but decided on this tighter bralet; tighter pieces like this work well on me. I couldn’t resist throwing over a denim jacket to make the whole thing obsessively blue. I think this is a really fun outfit, I’d wear it out to dinner with friends, or to a club. As soon as I saw these LV boots I fell in love with their retro vibe. So I built the rest of the look with an old-school style in mind. I had this chequered skirt and lime green top in my wardrobe already, and when I teamed them all together I felt like a cute retro Powerpuff Girl!”

Hanli Hoefer

Hanli Hoefer in Vestiaire Collective

Left and Right: Hermes scarf $948 / Centre: Self-Portrait skirt $189, Yves Saint Laurent ring $227

“When thinking about a capsule wardrobe, I always ask myself how many ways can I wear a piece, is it versatile, and what’s the cost per wear. I like items that are high-quality, classic, and timeless; things that I could keep for the rest of my life. I approach shopping pre-loved fashion as a challenge. It’s so exciting to search through and find an item that someone else discarded which I can see potential in or inject energy into. The problem with Singapore is that it’s very rare for me to stumble across a pre-loved or vintage store. Vestiaire Collective is a great solution to that and my shopping experience was seamless. The service I received felt really personal. My items didn’t feel pre-loved and the whole process felt like I was shopping for new pieces. I will definitely be shopping on Vestiaire Collective again.

For me, statement jewellery can switch up a look from bland to bold and is an essential part of any capsule wardrobe. I also love scarves because you can do so much with them. For my first look (left), I took this Hermes scarf and wrapped it around the handle of my bag to add an extra ‘something’ to the outfit. And then I can throw it around my shoulders if I were to get cold. My second look (centre) is a lot sexier and is something that I’d wear on a second date (but not a first date!). I would also throw a blazer over this if I wanted to wear it somewhere a bit more formal, like the theatre. Finally, my third look (right) showcases just how versatile scarves are! I took the same Hermes scarf and tied it around my body to create a tube top. I’d wear this look to a party, or even a festival.”

Want to see more? Watch this for more capsule wardrobe inspo.

Hanli, Narelle, and Yumika create a pre-loved capsule wardrobe

Join Hanli Hoefer, Yumika Hoskin, and Narelle Kheng as they find their favourite pieces on Vestiaire Collective and style them with their own wardrobe to create a ~conscious~ capsule collection. Who said pre-loved can't look chic again?#FashionShouldFeelGood

Posted by Green Is The New Black on Wednesday, 8 April 2020


Vestiaire Collective launches The Wardrobe Reality Check Challenge to celebrate Earth Day!

Vestiaire Collective is launching The Wardrobe Reality Check Challenge to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. It’s challenging fashion lovers from around the world to consider the environmental impact of their wardrobe choices.

It has teamed up with five inspirational women who are passionate about sustainable fashion to evaluate the impact of their own wardrobes (including Singapore’s very own Mae Tan). Visit vestiairecollective.com to find out what inspired them to take the challenge, learn their top tips for building a sustainable wardrobe and have an opportunity to shop pieces from their wardrobe clear-out directly from their public community profile on the platform.

Take a Wardrobe Reality Check by following the Vestiaire Collective 4-step process to assess the impact of your wardrobe. Visit the website for practical insights on how to act now and start making a difference.  

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Vestiaire Collective.

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