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Green Is The New Black

Understanding Essential Oils – Interview with Marra Hensby, founder of My Pure Earth

Reading Time: 3 minutes
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What are essential oils and how do you use them? You probably don’t think of farms when you think of those small, unassuming but power-packed bottles of goodness. Marra Hensby, the founder of My Pure Earth, is here to debunk the myths, tell you why they’re so good for you, and how you can find sustainable essential oils. 

Marra Hensby is an environmental and social responsibility professional  turned essential oil lover and eco-living advocate. Working directly with farmers to give you 100% organic, sustainably produced essential oils, she wants to make her cause known because the majority of people don’t think of farming when they think of essential oils. A woman with a mission, Marra Hensby speaks to us about her entrepreneurial journey with My Pure Earth.


Keep doing it and say your message as loud as you can . – Marra Hensby


We chatted with Marra about:

> What are essential oils
> Common goods that we can replace with essential oils
> Common misconceptions about essential oils
> The social impact of My Pure Earth


What are essential oils?

MARRA HENSBY: Essential oils are highly concentrated versions of natural oils found in plants, which are obtained through distilling roots, leaves and petals. Some people like it for the smell and aroma, while others go for the benefits of essential oils: They are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Some of these oils are also able to replace typical household products. Another level of interest in these oils lies in its medical benefits- Some of these oils help ease headaches and colds! There are thousands of ways to use them.


What are some products that we can replace with essential oils and what are some common ailments people come to you with?

I believe that you can pretty much replace every product at home with something you make yourself using a number of natural products, and natural oils can be a big part of that. Some people have asked “How can I sleep better?” or “How can I just relax and destress?” and I would recommend lavender or peppermint, which are great for headaches. Your sense of smell is so personal and it is important to go out there and smell and see how you react to each aroma.


Another confusing and overwhelming thing is reading labels. How can we navigate around these things?

Every country’s legislation is different. Some are strict where they get companies to list every ingredient. Singapore doesn’t have that legislation especially when it comes to organic food. You can call anything organic and there are no repercussions (scary!).


So how is My Pure Earth making a social impact?

What we’re trying to do is spread word on the amount of plant matter needed to produce essential oils. It takes 60 full roses to make one drop. Using these oils, you can replace chemically-filled products and really do more DIY at home. You’re using fewer chemicals, you’re not transporting things all over the world to you and the best part is you’re reusing packaging. Hooray for reducing your footprint!

Sustainable production begins with the farmers and we work with small family-owned farms who are eco-warriors in their own ways. They also have their own zero waste programmes and all plant matter left over from production are used as compost on farms. Many farms also have reduction policies.


#LittleGreenSteps on navigating through labels and essential oils

  1. Go through websites and look at brands you’re interested in. Brands usually have detailed sustainability strategies listed and people who are doing good want you to know they’re doing good.
  2. Look into essential oils; it’s an area people never really think of!


 Read more about My Pure Earth and check out their website.


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*Cover photo is taken from My Pure Earth’s Facebook Page

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